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Re: DCV Meeting Minutes

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July 28, 2003 02:32PM
Thanks Sycamore for the minutes. Great job. I feel that the first two post adequately represent all that was discussed at the meeting. In the later posts Sycamore makes it real clear that it is her opinion. I am posting this from the office but will post Vince's letter and the letter to the USFS this evening when I get home (probably in separate posts). In regards to new members I think only one actually joined while the others requested additional information. I will be taking care of sending it out this evening as well.

I personally feel that this issue was discussed at lenght during the June meeting and Sycamore clearly documented in the minutes all that was discussed, including the proposed letter. I drafted the letter based on the issues that we agreed on and this letter has now been approved by all the members that were at that June meeting.

We all know that we have our differences on many issues, some of which we will probably never agree on. Now we can either continue to squabble about our differences or go on with the letter that we approved which represents a compromise of several of our members, and at least is an attemp to work on a realistic solution with the USFS. Let's not let the negativity that sometime occurs on this forum undo the positive discussion and agreements we have reached at our meetings or we will never make any progress. Let's try and keep in mind what the consensus feels is best for Deep Creek Hot Springs. Let's keep the Democratic process moving.

Furthermore, we met with Ranger Brad and he know the letter is coming. Now let's send it and then see their response. At least it is DCV atempt to help out.

Take care & LOL.

DCV Meeting Minutes

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