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Re: DCV Meeting Minutes

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July 28, 2003 03:54PM
Thanks, Ron
I posted my comments on the meeting, clearly retitled as comments, right after posting the minutes, so perhaps I should have allowed someone else to comment first.
Members and nonmembers are welcome to comment on the minutes. If an item has reached consensus at a meeting, voting members who did not attend the meeting are welcome to cast a vote on it for one week. Please correct me if I am in error on any of this, as I do not have it written down in front of me. So, even though we have reached consensus on sending the letter to Ranger Brad, voting members can break consensus and bring the item to a vote, which needs a 2/3 majority.

I would recommend holding off on that vote until Ron posts the letter later today.

We did not discuss discouraging the use of the trail at our meeting. That is a different subject. Sometimes it is healthy to discuss suggestions that are raised, in this case by voting member Laughing Bear, here on the forum. I am hopeful that we can do so and reach agreement on it now instead of putting it off until the next meeting, by which time further damage could occur. (It could occur anyway, because our discouraging it will not stop everyone from using it)

So, how about it everybody? Can we all say how we feel about it...nicely?(that is a personal request)

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