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Re: AZ Mike

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August 21, 2002 07:40AM
Thank you for taking the time to post such a considerate response to my post. It is true that I have asked a number of questions that have not been answered, and as I told Wizard, I do not take it personally, and have gotten all of the answering I need in any questions I've asked of you. In my above post, I was referring specifically to questions that I have raised about our group. I have repeated the issues that concern me the most about our group. I have no wish to "argue" over them, but they do need to be discussed. I don't think that they are unfair questions. Hopefully I will be able to discuss them with Ron and whoever else shows up this Sunday. After that, I suppose I will have to post the results and then hope that group members will respond finally to them, since I have gotten no response as of yet.
Please know that you are right in thinking that I respect what I have seen of Mike Castro. Also know that I do not believe that saying that makes me a "Mike supporter" or an opponent to anyone who may have issues with him. Paul respects Mike as well, but of course that does not mean that Paul and I are of one mind on everything, and I am glad that you have not made such an assumption.
Thank you for believing me when I say that I am not involved in any conspiracy, with AZ Mike or anyone else. I do (as does everyone else) have and agenda, but it is not hidden. I want to do good things for the place I love to keep it clean, wholesome, and hopefully open for use. I want to work in mutual respect, regardless of differences of opinion, with others who want the same. Oh, and of course I want to laugh just like someone called "Sycamore Laughing" should want to laugh. I wouldn't want to offend anyone, but please pardon me if I sometimes laugh at something that another person may be offended by.

AZ Mike

Sycamore Laughing 1348August 20, 2002 07:48PM

Re: AZ Mike

Wizard 633August 20, 2002 08:59PM

Group or No Group

Ron 753August 20, 2002 10:19PM

Re: Group or No Group

paul 604August 21, 2002 04:56PM

Sycamore and everybody else

katrina 667August 21, 2002 02:00AM

Re: AZ Mike

Naked Man 681August 21, 2002 06:39AM

Re: AZ Mike

Sycamore Laughing 662August 21, 2002 07:40AM

Re: AZ Mike

Sycamore Laughing 855August 21, 2002 08:40AM

Re: AZ Mike

Wizard 672August 21, 2002 08:51AM

DEEP thoughts about

JOBE 1120August 23, 2002 10:42PM

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