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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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AZ Mike

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August 20, 2002 07:48PM
I figured we needed another thread with Arizona Mike's name on it. Not sure just why, but it seems to be a popular topic. Besides, if I make a post or two with no real meaning, just nonsense, maybe someone or other will start ranting about how horrible I am and then I'll get a bunch of threads with my name on them.
Sound ridiculous? Yes, it is. "Healthy" debate and discussion includes difference of opinion, but long, cleverly-worded diatribes of a personal nature and filled with name-calling are not healthy.
Since the majority, it seems, want our flyer to have contact information and invitations to join us, and since the majority want the contact to be through this forum, that will probably eventually happen, and I will not be against it as long as the attempt for consensus has been made. I guess that new or prospective members will be accepted and respected until they say or even don't say something that would indicate which "side" they are on in this tired old argument. At that point, they would be disrespected and vilified, and probably called a few names.
Who would want to be in a group like that? Most of us, adults that is, left all that behind in elementary school. Oh, but when adults do it, they can be so erudite! That must be better than doing handstands for showing off. (If you can't figure it out, the last two sentences are meant to be sarcastic)
I was wrong about something, and I am very willing to admit when I'm wrong. I said that I did not think we needed specific instructions on how to appear friendly. Apparently, we do. Expand that section at least a whole page, because the way we are going now is not about to encourage new members. I, as a newcomer to the group and to the forum, am not at all encouraged by having personal animosity and insults directed at me. I have no desire to play a kindergarten game with the tools of adult language.
For now, I am a part of the group, and will work towards the ends stated in the Mission Statement with the qualification I have already made as concerns what, exactly, we are preserving. I will stay at least until my questions are answered, and maybe after that, if it seems that I can do anything positive through being in the group. Positive for the springs, that is. I would not consider it positive to be a part of a group whose main function is making sure that anyone can access the springs through any route they wish, or protecting the "right" of predators to visit the springs. I also will not join a group that is dedicated to the hatred of Mike Castro or anyone else, and if agreeing with allegations against him is prerequisite, count me out. That would be against my policies even if I believed the allegations to be true, which I do not. (Sorry, Katrina, all your work on that website did not convince me, although I did read it over and consider it)
Sorry my post is so long, and that it really isn't just "nonsense" like I suggested at the beginning. Now, will all the people to whom I have said nothing negative please meet in our prearranged secret hidden spot at the Bowen Ranch for our top-secret conspiratorial meeting to plot our secret hidden agenda? Thanks. Peace to all and happy soak'n. Oh, and don't forget to laugh; it is good for the spirit.

AZ Mike

Sycamore Laughing 1273August 20, 2002 07:48PM

Re: AZ Mike

Wizard 594August 20, 2002 08:59PM

Group or No Group

Ron 714August 20, 2002 10:19PM

Re: Group or No Group

paul 567August 21, 2002 04:56PM

Sycamore and everybody else

katrina 630August 21, 2002 02:00AM

Re: AZ Mike

Naked Man 644August 21, 2002 06:39AM

Re: AZ Mike

Sycamore Laughing 625August 21, 2002 07:40AM

Re: AZ Mike

Sycamore Laughing 809August 21, 2002 08:40AM

Re: AZ Mike

Wizard 629August 21, 2002 08:51AM

DEEP thoughts about

JOBE 1073August 23, 2002 10:42PM

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