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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Okay here is Deep Creek

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April 27, 2002 07:11AM
What is this preoccupation with "policing" the Springs?

I've been there many, many times and have NEVER seen a case where it was necessary to call in authorities. I've seen roudy people, people who have left trash behind; I've seen people who've been drinking, but I have never seen a case where I'd call the Sheriff. And Jobe talks about jotting down license plate numbers and calling 911??

If it really got that bad, then I would not be against taking appropriate measures to ensure safety, but how does one start a thread in this discussion based on the premise that setting up a patrol and bringing in law enforcement is either necessary or appropriate? Clearly, in my experience over the years, it would be a RARE instance where this would be necessary -- NOT THE RULE, as you imply.

Is this how you handle problems in your own neighborhood? God forbid. And NO, Jobe. The Sheriff's department is NOT there for you to call every time someone leaves some trash behind or has a few drinks. There's nothing wrong with a "concerned citizen's patrol", per se, but you make it sound like a villigante possee.

And Katrina, what is this talk of "banning" someone? Who has the authority to ban anyone from the Springs? You?

The more I hear from DCHS, Inc., the less I think they represent my interests whatsoever in regards to the Springs.

Okay here is Deep Creek

katrina island 917April 26, 2002 11:34PM

Re: Okay here is Deep Creek

JOBE 519April 27, 2002 04:23AM

Re: Okay here is Deep Creek

Naked Man 486April 27, 2002 07:11AM

Re: Okay here is Deep Creek

DCR 531April 27, 2002 08:09AM

Re: Okay here is Deep Creek

Naked Man 530April 27, 2002 08:41AM

Re: Okay here is Deep Creek

DCR 538April 27, 2002 09:15AM

Re: Okay here is Deep Creek

JOBE 524April 27, 2002 10:35AM

Re: Okay here is Deep Creek

katrina island 947April 27, 2002 12:55PM

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