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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waning Crescent (21% of Full)


Okay here is Deep Creek

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April 26, 2002 11:34PM
a place that we looooovvvvveeeee! and it is so wonderful, beautiful, healing, paradise, interesting conversations, stars (oops! confession, I like night at the springs), best hike around, renewing, anyway we love this place.

But with this place are challenges and issues. This place we love is isolated (which is one of the reasons we like it), far from help or civilization, popular, becoming more known, and has little law enforcement. There are all kinds of people in this world and not all of them are what we consider respectful to nature or nice.

If something is banned, the ban can only be enforced by law enforcement which would be the Forest Service. I think Bagby has more Forest Service involvement?

Currently the Forest Service only comes down there during the popular months once a weekend. It is a long journey for them.

So what would the solutions to this be? We could write to the Forest Service and request more patrols?? I don't think they have the funding to be there full time. Ranger Brad and Allison are pretty cool.

Or have the sheriff's department do more patrols on the roads leading to the springs? Perish the thought, especially these sheriffs.

How about the Bureau of Land Management conducting more patrols? There's Ranger Nelson, hmmmmmm..."Mike can do what he wants" said Ranger Nelson.

We have been thinking that it would help if there were a organized and cohesive group who cooperated with the agencies on these issues and received their assistance when needed. I was also thinking today about possibly some private security. This would have to be funded somehow. Of course, at this time we are not in a position to do this.

But those are some of my thoughts on this issue. What do you guys think? What solutions can we come up with?

Okay here is Deep Creek

katrina island 841April 26, 2002 11:34PM

Re: Okay here is Deep Creek

JOBE 479April 27, 2002 04:23AM

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Naked Man 448April 27, 2002 07:11AM

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DCR 491April 27, 2002 08:09AM

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Naked Man 490April 27, 2002 08:41AM

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DCR 492April 27, 2002 09:15AM

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Re: Okay here is Deep Creek

katrina island 895April 27, 2002 12:55PM

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