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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waning Crescent (4% of Full)


Re: Bowen Ranch/DCHS Visitors

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November 23, 2003 09:38AM

That's cool that you got to see the Bobcat. Did your pooches see it at well?What was their reaction?

As for forest recreational users still accessing the forest through the Bowen Ranch, I was under the impression that we covered that issue pretty thoroughly in previous post and no one has denied that fact. Let's now wait for the USFS to do their job and notify Mike of the closure and post signs at the trail head.

Let the rest of us keep on the more positive issue of trying to get DCHS reopened as soon as possible. This morning I followed your suggestion and wrote a letter to the USFS. I emailed the proposed letter to DCV members for their feedback and hope to have it in the mail as early as tomorrow. Bottom line is that this closure does not favor any of us so let's try and pull together to try and get it reopened ASAP.

Have a great Sunday, all of you. LOL

Bowen Ranch/DCHS Visitors

Wizard 867November 22, 2003 05:56PM

Re: Bowen Ranch/DCHS Visitors

Wizard 504November 22, 2003 08:14PM

Re: Bowen Ranch/DCHS Visitors

Ron 474November 23, 2003 09:38AM

Re: Bowen Ranch/DCHS Visitors

Wizard 455November 23, 2003 12:21PM

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DCR 484November 23, 2003 02:10PM

Re: Bowen Ranch/DCHS Visitors

LaughingBear 522November 23, 2003 06:05PM

Re: Bowen Ranch/DCHS Visitors

Rick 538November 23, 2003 06:15PM

Re: Bowen Ranch/DCHS Visitors

LaughingBear 818November 23, 2003 07:54PM

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