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Re: response to Gail on closed thread

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August 09, 2003 10:14AM
Nicely put Sycamore. Everyone has thier own take on the many issues we have discussed here at this forum. The arguments have become heated at times. Maybe the latest round, might show us, that discussing our differances in a considerate manner, as Sycmore has done above, is a much more benificial way for all of us to explore our ideas, and our differances. It seems that at the center of much of this discussion is the question of the ownership of the Bowen Ranch, and questions raised by some about Mike Castro's conduct in the past. For me, regarding the Bowen Ranch ownership question, nothing will really happen, until such time it goes to court. Any arguments here about it will not change what the court will do. Regarding issues of Mike Castro. I think we all should be careful, on both sides of this argument, not to take stories told, and then, over time, begin to represent them as truth. They may, or may not be truth. Depends on what " kind " of proof that is offered up to support the story. Stories are a useful way to share information. But there are inherent problem that can result from this manner of transferring ideas. If you think about it, alot of what we have argued about, here at this forum, is stories. It is a better thing for all of us, to explore our differances, in more peaceful ways. It is better for us, that if we should see eachother at DCHS, we could all smile, and spend happy times there, despite our differances. I know thats asking alot, but it is a worthy goal. So thanks Sycamore for your friendly way of discussing things, for my part, I will try and do the same. Happy Soakin!

response to Gail on closed thread

sycamorelaughing 919August 09, 2003 07:19AM

Re: response to Gail on closed thread

Wizard 516August 09, 2003 10:14AM

Question for Sycamore?

katrina island 667August 09, 2003 04:18PM

Re: Question for Sycamore?

mojavegreen 577August 09, 2003 07:35PM

Re: response to Gail on closed thread

Blue Corn 603August 09, 2003 06:24PM

Re: response to Gail on closed thread

LaughingBear 676August 10, 2003 06:17AM

Re: response to Gail on closed thread

Ron 581August 10, 2003 08:50AM

Re: response to Gail on closed thread

katrina island 1007August 11, 2003 01:33AM

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