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Re: response to Gail on closed thread

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August 10, 2003 08:50AM
Thanks SycamoreLaughing, Wizard, Mojavegreen and LaughingBear for joining the truce. Blue Corn thanks for your message on the ATTITUDE thread. I checked out many of your posts on this forum and would consider you a peace maker. Please allow the Merry Go Round to come to a complete stop. There are those willing to get off.

Katrina, you have often been the victim of the slander and mudsluging. When every one is trying to difuse the situation and stop the mudslugging, why do you wish to continue? Our webmaster kindly closed all threads on the issue between Wizard and Laughing Bear, why bring it backup? Kudos to Laughing Bear for not taking the bait.

I have often said that you should take the "plenty of evidence" to the court, not a website. If your evidence stands up in court and the judge rules in your favor you will get my admiration as well as that of other users of this forum. However, in the court of this forum that you insist on using, in my opinion you will be hard pressed to find a jury of 12 peers that would find your evidence conclusive beyond a reasonable doubt. Remember that in a trial the attorneys go viciously after a witnesses credibility, and a jury would at least be left questioning your motives. Continue working with the title company and share their findings with us whatever the outcome, continue warning us of any potential plan for public land that could affect our dear hot springs, and continue watching that our goverment official do not cross the line. It is because we all know that some goverment officials can abuse their power, that none of us should be bringing them into our discussion. Please consider joining the truce that many are joining.

A final word to my fellow DCV members, thanks for doing your share to make this forum a civilized and respectful place once again. Let's all work to keep it that way.

response to Gail on closed thread

sycamorelaughing 916August 09, 2003 07:19AM

Re: response to Gail on closed thread

Wizard 514August 09, 2003 10:14AM

Question for Sycamore?

katrina island 664August 09, 2003 04:18PM

Re: Question for Sycamore?

mojavegreen 576August 09, 2003 07:35PM

Re: response to Gail on closed thread

Blue Corn 601August 09, 2003 06:24PM

Re: response to Gail on closed thread

LaughingBear 675August 10, 2003 06:17AM

Re: response to Gail on closed thread

Ron 576August 10, 2003 08:50AM

Re: response to Gail on closed thread

katrina island 1002August 11, 2003 01:33AM

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