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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Question for Sycamore?

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August 09, 2003 04:18PM
I have one important question for you,

If what I have alleged concerning Mike Castro's violence is true, what would your position be on this issue?

So far, it appears that you have based your position on the belief that what I have alleged is not true. I want you to know that if I thought that a person was making false statements about these issues on the internet and it affected one of my favorite places "Deep Creek" I would be extremely upset at this person. That is what I am concerned about is people who are uninformed about the facts and evidence who wish to harm me.

I had actual official evidence on the website, declarations under penalty of perjury, letters from government agencies, sheriff reports, official interviews with the District Attorneys office, and more. I can not understand how you can act like there is no evidence to support my position. There is plenty of evidence. Yet you state that I have no evidence and my allegations are "unfounded" "speculation" "libel" "slander". You state that you have independently made up your mind about the situation.

This whole experience has changed my life forever. Yes, I became a civil rights activist because of it and what I know would keep anyone awake at night. It is like a Pandora's Box once it is opened you can not put it back. The following is one news article where I am mentioned. I was very active in supporting these two people who were being retaliated against for speaking out against the corrupt officials.

Both Jeff Wright and Shirley Goodwin attend public meetings and speak out. They have been unjustly arrested numerous times in retaliation. Shirley Goodwin's cats were being trapped by her neighbors right after she filed a Federal Civil Rights case. Maybe the name Jeff Wright rings a bell as he was in Ward Valley.

Article Published: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 - 9:40:40 PM PST

Judge dismisses 'Cat incident' case

SAN BERNARDINO County government critics Jeff Wright and Shirley Goodwin won an end Wednesday to their protracted legal battle over a 2000 altercation with an animal-control officer involving a cat.

Judge Kurt Lewin dismissed misdemeanor charges of battery on a peace officer against both Wright and Goodwin, ruling that prosecutors failed to meet a legal deadline to set a trial date.

Deputy District Attorney Ron Webster said he disagreed but would abide by the judge's ruling.

After the ruling, Wright and Goodwin hugged, while attorney Marc Grossman shook hands with supporter Gail Frye.

Outside the courtroom, Wright, Goodwin and Frye pantomimed "the cat incident" for a reporter's benefit. Wright and Goodwin maintain that they did nothing wrong and had been singled out by law enforcement.

"The cat's back in the bag," Wright said afterward. "It's a great day in San Bernardino."

-- Matt Bender, (909) 386-3884

The recent posts intimating that CPS could be called on Wizard were very malicious and were done by Laughingbear. A call to CPS could result in permanent harm to Wizard's family and could negatively affect all the children who visit DCHS. Maybe you did not intend to be malicious, however, your posts appeared to support his position.

Neither Wizard, Jobe or Katrina have ever intimidated that they would call the authorities on anyone on the other side of this debate. These posts by Laughingbear were way out of line and malicious.

I have never called you names. I think when you have a difference of opinion that the person's motivations and intentions are a subject of discussion. You have posted that my intentions are for "revenge" "greed" "feud", "sour grapes" "axe to grind" "long-standing hatred" etc. I personally haven't determined exactly what your motivation is in deciding that you are anti-Katrina.

You make statements that DCHS, Inc. doesn't own the building and did not pay for it.

>>"And, yes, I find the motivation of attempting to gain control of
>>property that does not belong to them, and that someone else paid
>>for, to be one of the most distasteful aspects of their crusade."

Yet when we get down to the details and evidence, you don't want to discuss it anymore. You can make up your mind about all this yet you don't have all the facts and you don't want to hear about them. We did pay for our interest in the Bowen Ranch building and lands. We paid $1,500, we paid taxes and we paid for insurance while we made no profit to offset these expenses.

Anyway, I hope that we can have meaningful and factual discussions about these issues in the future without resorting to mudslinging.

response to Gail on closed thread

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Question for Sycamore?

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Re: response to Gail on closed thread

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Re: response to Gail on closed thread

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Re: response to Gail on closed thread

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Re: response to Gail on closed thread

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