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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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June 29, 2003 12:54PM
Item #3) Directions:
The web pages of item two currently give directions through Main Street in Hesperia. It was proposed that we retain that and add three other sets of directions: from Bear Valley Road, to the spillway and the PCT access point, and to the Bradford Ridge trail site. Consensus was easily reached to do so.

A question was raised about the large and intimidating "No Trespassing" signs at the spillway, and it was clarified that there is no illegality in accessing from that point and that the signs refer to use of the spillway area. (sorry if this sounds vague; I've never been to the spillway so it is hard to visualize)

Item #4) Cutting of the brush by the USFS at the trail off JF3:
Ron informed us that Ranger Brad had contacted him and admitted responsibility for the cutting of the brush that had raised some concerns here on the forum. The cutting was done in an attempt to discourage use of the trail, although there is no illegality in using it. Concerns over erosion problems where the trail meets the Bowen Ranch trail were discussed. Our group discussion on this item was focused on our response to Ranger Brad and whether we should propose any ideas to prevent the potential of such erosion. Discussion was lengthy, but not at all divisive. We agreed first that we would not reach consensus on any proposal to create easier access to the springs, and none wanted to vote on doing so.
Our discussion included alternative access points that used to be available, such as the BLM road that used to be available to the lower parking lot and accessible by two-wheel drive vehicles.

Our discussion ended in consensus on the idea of responding to Ranger Brad with a letter in which we ask about future plans to resolve the matter and offer to help the decided course of action. We decided to include some of the suggestions raised at our meeting that might provide those seeking access with an alternative to using the trail, such as a two-wheel drive accessible parking lot or trail work to prevent erosion on the trail that now exists.

DCV meeting minutestongue sticking out smileyart One

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Re: DCV meeting minutestongue sticking out smileyart two

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