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Re: Microbes

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November 30, 2016 01:09PM
Hi Paul,

No idea on how the bacteria entered me or where. You are correct sir in that one has a greater chance of Infection at a hospital. However I have not stepped into the hospital buildings for a long time, maybe for meetings once in a while or use a work room but an hour or so in a given month. No interaction with patients though. I work a few miles away in an office building. However never know maybe someone brought something back. They were immune and I'm not. I'm certain this is not from the springs. What made me post this though were two items.

One is that we believe we are immune to this type of scenario because of the rarity and yet it happened to me and I was of the same mindset.

Two is that although we like to ignore it we are sitting in hot pools that do contain microbes. So common sense goes a long way not to ingest the water via nose even if chances of getting sick are extremely unlikely.

Will it change my behavior? In some ways yes and other ways no but it will not keep me away from nature. After hiking, packpacking or visiting the springs I will check my body for bumps, skin discoloration and anything else that may be unusal.

In a way just wanted to share my story.

Haha yes recall that. I was trying to see if folks with a regular sedan rather than SUV can bypass the ranch use the Freedom area. So what better way than with a car that has a lowered chassis.


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