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Re: Watch out, dog attack!

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February 03, 2014 08:50AM
Wizard, it was very fortunate your dog wasn't killed. Our small dog was attacked by an off leash American bulldog in a nearby park. Both our dog and my wife were injured. It's a long story, but the owner was a jerk. We sued them, and based on testimony from witnesses and my wife's statement, we were awarded $25,000 in damages.

I realize your dogs and many others are peaceful ,loving creatures. But I'm hard-line about dogs at hot springs. No dogs should be brought to hot springs. I know a lot of folks disagree with this viewpoint, but it's my humble opinion based on previous experiences.

A few months ago I was charged by a pitbull at a hot spring in Santa Barbara. Fortunately, I always carry pepper spray now since my wife's dog attack. I sprayed the pitbull right before he chomped me. Of course all the owner said is what these dog owners usually say: "Oh, he wouldn't hurt anyone". I'm so tired of hearing that line.

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Watch out, dog attack!

Wizard1707February 03, 2014 12:15AM

Re: Watch out, dog attack!

Paul P.878February 03, 2014 08:50AM

Re: Watch out, dog attack!

neogeo852February 03, 2014 10:57AM

Re: Watch out, dog attack!

Wizard775February 03, 2014 03:57PM

Re: Watch out, dog attack!

calidev897February 03, 2014 07:53PM

Re: Watch out, dog attack!

neogeo884February 03, 2014 09:00PM

Re: Watch out, dog attack!

calidev821February 03, 2014 09:18PM

Re: Watch out, dog attack!

mohave1576February 04, 2014 02:27AM

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