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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Flood Advisory

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July 22, 2005 09:07PM
On the weather topic, there have been thunderstorms in the high desert for the last four days in a row. Today out where I was working, about 5 miles west of Lucerne Valley, some more big thunderstorms moved through my area, with very strong winds, blowing dust, intense rainfall, and lots of very close lightning. So far these storms have mostly been coming out of the San Bernardino Mtns, moving across the general area of Lucerne Valley and on northerly in the late afternoons to early evening. The forcast for tomorrow suggest remnant moisture from hurricane Emily will be moving into the area, setting off even more abundant, stronger, and widespread storms. The storms of recent days have been east of the DCHS area. Tomorrow may see the storms throughout the Victor Valley, and possibly in the Deep Creek drainage area too so visitors to DCHS should watch out for the lighting, and possible flash floods down there. At the beginning of todays storm is saw off to my south, up in the San Bernardino Mtns the smoke from a fire, which looked to be started by a lightning strike. It looked like generally it was maybe 8 to 10 miles east of the Bowen Ranch area. It looks like it was burning for a couple of hours up there, the firefighters must have got to it quick. Coming home from work I could see some of the smoke from that fire high up in the air over the Victor Valley. These summer storms many times start fires, and I would suggest that if any visitors find themselves down at DCHS, with a fire in close proximity, better to stay safe down by the creek, with its rocks, sand, and green bushes. Trying to hike out the canyon with a fire close at hand could find you becoming overrun by the fire, could really spoil your day :-) I still have enjoyed very much the many times down in the Deep Creek canyon on those exciting days of thunderstorms, heavy rain, and even hail :-) My daughters and I just went outside and could see the flashes of lightning, looking back east over the top of Granite Mtns, sometimes these storms go on all night, and looking at the weather channel satelite image, looks like some may be moving our way this evening :-)

Flood Advisory

Rick 949July 22, 2005 01:36PM

Re: Flood Advisory

Rick 542July 22, 2005 01:38PM

Re: local weather and traffic!

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Re: local weather and traffic!

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Re: Flood Advisory

Wizard 509July 22, 2005 09:07PM

Re: Flood Advisory

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Have we moved to Kansas???

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