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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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8-3-03 bad day at Gold Strike h.s.

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August 04, 2003 04:57PM
I had visited Gold Strike hot springs only once in the past 3 months. One it is hot above 100 every day. Two I have been busy.
So, Sunday evening it was only in the 90's. About 2:30 I found myself at the trail head. Trash bags in tow, and lots of water.
Nudity at G.S. hot springs is varied. You just cannot tell who will be there, textiles or no.
Introduction; Naked Fred, Fred came to the springs one day last summer for the 1st time, when me and several people were nude at the springs. He asked if it were O.K. to be nude here always? I told him it was O.K. as long as you use common since and be courteous of others. After this I have seen fred @ 6-8 times always nude. He would hike in with out any clothes, and sit around by him self. Never talking much.
Sunday was almost to hot but breezy. I hiked in without seeing anyone. When I arrived at the springs no one was there. I disrobed and began picking up the trash. This done I began servaying the pools to see which was most bearable. While doing this I noticed Little girls coming up hill to the springs. I grabbed my shorts as soon as I had them on they were there.
As they came up I started a conversation with their father. He said he was a baptist minister from San Diego. In Las Vegas on vacation visiting his sister. Who was just recently divorced. The 14 +18 year olds were his daughters and the 15 year old was his sisters.
After this his wife, sister and I spent @ 1 hour discussing the rapture theory, mostly. He stated to me that he had learned a lot from me and he would do more research on this new knowledge. After a long prayer, he stated " he and his wife would like some quality time alone. Would I help his sister watch his children? I told him I would watch them as if they were my own.
His sisters name was Rachel. We talked about her divorce, for about 30 minuets. Suddenly naked Fred shows up. As he got closer Rachel put her fingers in a cross and said OHH gay! Covering her eyes. I noticed the 15+18 year olds were staring at his penis in curiosity. While the14 year old and Rachel were offended. I yelled at Fred to leave immediatly as they were offended by his nakedness. Fred continued down hill. After about 2 minuets I heard a loud groan and a thump- thump. Fearing Fred had fallen and hurt himself. I leaped to my feet and ran to see what had happened.
As I cleared some boulders there they were.
David the father was beating Fred right and left, thump-thump. As he raised his arm to hit Fred again, I put him in an arm lock. Lifting him off of Fred.
David was about my height 6'-2" but about 40 pounds larger. As I stopped this one way fight. David began thanking me. He said he had snapped and lost control. Mean while Fred had a busted lip, nose and two eyes swelling. And losing a lot of blood. Rachel an L.P.N. was helping me stop the bleeding, and applying ice. I donated my t-shirt and towel to Fred.
David went behind some boulders and started praying.
Suddely A.I.D.S. became a big topic for Rachel and me.
David started thanking God for having me there.
Now, Rachel and I were confronted with getting Fred to a hospital.
David got his family up hill from us as we helped Fred as we could wobble out of the canyon. This took about 1+1/2 hour. As Rachel and I were about 200 yards from the parking lot. David said he did not wish to be responsable for this "pervert". Got his sister and left.
As I showed Fred whre the hospital was in Boulder City,we talked in the parking lot. He said he was Afrad of going to jail. And drove away. Not getting assistance.
The lessons you can learn going to the hot springs.

8-3-03 bad day at Gold Strike h.s.

jobe 2269August 04, 2003 04:57PM

Re: 8-3-03 bad day at Gold Strike h.s.

Gary 1336August 05, 2003 07:57AM

Re: 8-3-03 bad day at Gold Strike h.s.

jobe 1510August 05, 2003 08:28PM

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