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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Crescent (39% of Full)


Re: 8-3-03 bad day at Gold Strike h.s.

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August 05, 2003 08:28PM
While on this magical mystery tour called life, we reflect back on our own experiances.
I also had an similar experiance at deep creek.
My wife and I parked our R.V. at Bowen ranch. Early in the morning we went to the springs. When we got to the springs it appeared a group of gays were there. So I took the children down stream to avoid them. After a while the Queers started leaving. We moved over to the shade trees. As the children played in the water, my wife and I got into a deep conversation. One of those things that require a great deal of mental consentration, which was not hard. Because we were apearantly the only ones here now.
While in this conversation, my 6 year old came up and said " Daddy there is a man over there with goggoly eyes." I was so deep in conversation on my 1st look I did not see any thing. After a few minuets she came back and repeted her statment.
When I went to the bushy area a pervert with no thing on but running shoes and a hard on, started running. My first instinct was to get all the children together, this done, my wife said "Go get that guy."
I ran bear foot after him. He ran into the family canyon down stream, where there are many trees. The more I ran after him the madder I became.
This pervert ruined our weekend. We left the springs right away. The more I thought about it the madder I got. It was a good thing he got away. If I had caught up to him I am afraid of what I would or could have done.
David cosidered Naked Fred a pervert. Just for being naked around his children. I attempted to explain to him that the meaning of pervert is a verb requiring action. This did not seem to matter to him. I suppose those laws, mentioned on other post, are made for Dads like David.
The down side of all this was we all were having a great time, enjoying each others company then WOW.
Rachel was smart, pretty, spirital and available. I was looking forward to getting to know her better. She wanted to protect her brother and did not give me her phone number. That was the biggest tragedy.
God works in mysterious ways.
I think the lesson here is if some one ask if it is O.K. to be nude here. The answer is Hell no.
It seems like the end of this month I may be able to head up that way. If I find Rachel some where that could all change tho. It might be a 4-5 day adventure.
Thanks for the good vibes.

8-3-03 bad day at Gold Strike h.s.

jobe 2145August 04, 2003 04:57PM

Re: 8-3-03 bad day at Gold Strike h.s.

Gary 1282August 05, 2003 07:57AM

Re: 8-3-03 bad day at Gold Strike h.s.

jobe 1449August 05, 2003 08:28PM

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