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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: A friendly obsevation

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October 08, 2001 11:48PM
I have said it before and I will say it again ad infinitum "Can't we all just get along." I agree with the sentiments of Craig and Wizard. I have noticed similar behavior of "intruders" at the many forums that I frequent which are of interest to me (urban planning, karate, metaphysics and poetry ,and even early childhood development). I do tend to chastise them, but fortunately, they lose interest in subjects they know nothing about and then they go away.

I agree with Craig that Rick has done an outstanding job with this forum. The goal of any forum should be to facilitate the exchange of information among interested parties. A secondary goal should be to recognize freedom of speech. Rick successfully meets these goals. Of course, being a reasonable and rational person, he can and will determine whether a participating forum guest extends beyond the bounds of civility. Long time readers of this forum know that Rick has not needed to implement some form of "censorship" very often. "Jennifer" the she -male was a classic example of the need to restrict access given the seriously inflammatory statements and threats associated with "her".

My biggest concern when I first started participating in this forum was that it was a vehicle for spreading a one sided vendetta against the Bowen Ranch gatekeeper. Indeed, there is quite a lot of historical information on the DCHS website. In my humble opinion, some of it is true and some of it is not.

I'm happy to see that this forum hasn't totally become a grandstand for the espousal of one sided, unverifiable comments. I sincerely hope that this forum continues to provide accurate information about the past, present and future of Deep Creek. For those of us who truly love the Deep Creek experience, we must continue to do all we can to preserve this magical place.

A friendly obsevation

thinker 1009October 06, 2001 02:12PM

Re: A friendly obsevation

Thinking outloud 605October 06, 2001 03:13PM

Re: A friendly obsevation

Craig 483October 06, 2001 03:48PM

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Wizard 537October 08, 2001 09:09AM

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Wizard 505October 08, 2001 09:26AM

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Re: A friendly obsevation

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