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Re: Closure

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January 13, 2004 07:28PM
Well from what I have read, at least in Devore they sent letters our about the potential danger , but no evacuation. As for Waterman, it actually happened way to quick. And it technally was not a mud slide but a flash flood --- the difference is that the debris made a dam and the dam created a lake and when the dam broke then ---- a 15 foot high flood of stuff came pouring down. No time to warn anyone about that especially not on XMAS. I actually was driving down the highway as they were closing down the road during that flood and it did get really BAD really QUICK but I would have never imagined that much death ---- I figured just a couple of bridges and structure damage. Living in a canyon is not the wisest place to abide. When you live that close to mother nature and she gets tempermental - well as we have seen it does not look pretty - whether it is fires, floods or winds.



Hammock-key 933January 10, 2004 07:28PM

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