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Re: Juniper Flats ACEC

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September 14, 2003 09:54PM
Being a local landowner for many years, I have enjoyed the multiple use benefits of my neighboring public lands. I first discovered Cottonwood Springs while hunting cottontails and quail in 1975. I am also an OHV recreational user and access Deep Creek on a regular basis via the legal designated routes. Rockhounding and prospecting is another activity I enjoy and I have found Tourmaline and other minerals out in Juniper Flats. I used to have a couple of mining claims out there when the ACEC was created and actualy held the millsite claim at the spring that was identified in the BLM paperwork posted recently by Gail. Over the years I have enjoyed riding horses as well and Juniper Flats is very well suited for this activity.

What is troubling to me is the lack of local public input from groups other than OHV intrests in the planning of route designation within the Juniper Sub Region. The BLM appears to have rushed through this route designation with little regard for other user groups. The only field study that appears to have been done is by off road motorcycle enthusiasts who "volunteered". We have identified some of these individuals by name and have pictures of others, all caught in the act of riding off the designated routes. One such individual assaulted me by trying to run me over with his motorcycle. I have his picture up close and personal.

What many local residents are calling for is a seperate management plan for the Juniper Sub Region and a no action status for new route designation until adequate field study has been completed. We seek a forum of all user groups to be involved in working out a management plan for this region. With 300,000 residents in the Victor Valley area, this area needs special consideration when it comes to planning. The close proximity to a booming population base along with an extremly high fire danger that is a constant threat to the Apple Valley area provides ample rationale for a seperate management area.

I would like to invite all user groups to join in and petition the BLM to create this seperate management area. We need planning that is inclusive to all groups ,not just the OHV intrests. Using motorcycle enthusiests to determine routes is like asking a coyote to watch over the chicken coop! And....I would like to thank Katrina for posting the BLM paperwork involving the ACEC. At the very least, the BLM needs to follow their own plan and protect the sensitive area around Cottonwood Spring.

Juniper Flats ACEC

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Re: Juniper Flats ACEC

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Re: Juniper Flats ACEC

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