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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Easier Way In?

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April 29, 2003 03:48PM
Glad to help . The eaziest way in is to follow the yellow brick road . Am I right Wiz ? I have found it to be even easier to dream my self there . Kidding aside , there is a trail I call the trail of least resistance . To get there go through the Cajon pass north on the 15 freeway to Bear valley road . Bear valley road has Victorville on the north and Hesperia on the south side of this six lane road . After several miles it becomes four lanes and then two lanes . Then there is a STOP sign , this is Central road , turn right . After 1&1/2 mile there is a rail road crossing .Then a steep hill , once you crest this hill there is a paved road on the left , this is Ocotillo road , turn left . After about 1&1/2 miles Ocotillo road becomes dirt . Continue about 150 yards to a sign that says Bowen ranch road , turn right . After @ 7 miles on this some times wash board road you happen upon a shack of a house called the Bowen ranch . If you have a low clearance car it is probably best to pay the 4 bucks and park here. However if you own a truck or high clearance suv , make a u turn and go back toward town @ 100 yards there is a road on the left . This road is marked JF3 follow this dirt road through the juniper forest about 1.8 miles to a sign marked JF 4 , turn left go @ 100 feet and you will need to turn left again the road is marked JF4 again . Go .5 mile you come to a steep hill and a forest boundry sign . You will need a 4 wheel drive to continue . Soo I suggest you park in the large parking area before this hill . Remember , the sun rises in the east and sets in the west . Once you get parked look to the south west there is a ridge with a trail on top of it . Follow this ridge south west to some boulders . The trail of least resistance starts here and goes @ 1 mile to the main trail and then about .3 miles to the springs or Oz . Remember it is almost all down hill from the trail head to the springs . But coming back is reverse . A change in elevation of @ 1000 feet . About the mineral content of the water at the springs . Almost no minerals . About 8 or 9 years ago as I was traveling to the springs I happened upon to pretty women wearing lab coats and city shoes . As I inquired about their dress they informed me that they were from Orange Coast Comm. college . And they were doing chemical analisis of the water . They said " the 1st test they did showed no minerals in the water what so ever ." So they now had permission to use the parts per billion machine at Fullerton State . I gave these women my adress and asked them to send the results of their test to me . They did , the results stated the h2o was 99.999999999999% pure h2o . The trace elements were so small as to be neglegentable the document said . The trace elements were Alum , Boron , and Lithum . I was so excited I ran to my friend Mike Castro and gave him the document which he posted at the Bowen ranch for several monthes . But what happened to it I do not know . Please leave the springs a better place than you find it .

Easier Way In?

Josef 978April 28, 2003 12:56PM

Re: Easier Way In?

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Re: Easier Way In?

Wizard 550April 29, 2003 09:35PM

Re: Easier Way In?

Josef 581April 29, 2003 10:08PM

Re: Easier Way In?

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Re: Easier Way In?

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