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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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DCV critic

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April 27, 2003 10:48AM
One of our DCV brochures was mailed to us with comments on it. There was no return address, but I think it is appropriate to share these comments with forum readers. I was not at the meeting, but the comments were shared by all there and sent along so that I could see them as well. The sender did not give a return address, but I hope that this person does read this forum and will see my own response and possibly those of other DCV members.

Comments: 1) I am writing your organization to let you know that your activities are being monitored and that there are many times many who come to the springs to enjoy our god given environment free of neo political organizations like yours. We will fervently protect our rights to enjoy deep creek without ego serving groups who spend 10 minutes picking up trash and ruin the rest of the day with egotistical political rhetoric and inference of hot spring ownership.
my response: I am glad that we are being "monitored" by non-members. It won't take long for you to see that we make no inference to ownership, that we are not political, and that, excepting the human frailties of individuals, we are not egotistical. I have mentioned repeatedly on this forum and in discussions with DCV members and others just what you have said...that there are many who do wonderful things for the springs who are not members of our group.

2) If your group is honest in its motivation and intention just do it. Be a leader by example, If someone is breaking the rules or acting in an offensive manner, report it. But leave your politics/computers/cell phones and egos at home so we can enjoy the springs again!
my response: I agree completely!!

3) Guy with the white sheppard...The springs gives so much and asks so little, please leave your emotional trash down the hill.
my response: Not sure who you mean. Paul says there was a nonmember with a white shepard. One of our members owns a white dog, but I have no idea if that is the dog you mean, or what "emotional trash" you might be referring to.

4) I pick up twice the trash your group does without all the Bla Bla Bla. And tell your member who plopped his air matttress on my stuff after your pow-wow, what appropriate behavior is.
my response: I haven't thought of making this a contest as to who picks up the most trash, but you are probably right that, all told, more is picked up by nonmembers than by members. Our main goal is not to be trash collectors, but to promote a sense of etiquette and respect among DCHS users. I am happy that many users do not need to be informed about appropriate behavior. None of our members had air mattresses at our last meeting, so possibly the person who did that was not a member. We usually carry out air mattresses, but I don't know of any members who carry them in.

5) (on the envelope) We don't need your badges just your example.
my response: Your reference to badges here suggests to me that you may be confused about which group you are angry with. We do not have badges. DCHS, Inc. has badges, and they are sometimes handed out at the springs. DCHS, Inc. is also involved with an attempt to gain control of the Bowen Ranch buildings, but we are not. We are not affiliated with DCHS, Inc. in any way.

One final response: I spoke briefy to a person who seemed angry about our group last month. I am sad that anyone would see our work as a damper on their own enjoyment of the springs, and confused as to why we would be seen that way. Thank you for writing these comments to us. Your feedback will help us to prevent becoming what you seem to think we are. Peace to all.

DCV critic

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