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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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December 17, 2002 08:11PM
I have not been to Deep Creek hot springs for a couple of years and I hope I am able to visit the springs again soon. I have fond memories of soaking in the pools and swimming in the creek and have always enjoyed these activities without clothing.

In reading your message, however, I am concerned about a statement you made in item # 6:

"To wander nude into clothing compulsive territory may offend many, and undermine our objectives."

Obviously, if I were to hike nude either up or down the Pacific Crest Trail or up the Bowen Ranch trail I would, at some point, enter a "clothing compulsive territory" and would be in a position to offend people. This is something I would not want to do.

However the word "wander" to me implies that if I were to walk, stroll, wade (perhaps just a few feet) upstream or downstream from the area where the hot pools are located, I would be entering "clothing compulsive" territory.

I am not writing this message to challenge you. I have the greatest respect for your work en behalf of the springs and your great knowledge of the area. I would not want to do anything to undermine the objectives of the Deep Creek community.

As I mentioned above, I have not been to the springs for a couple of years and things could have changed. Perhaps there are now signs indicating the different areas.

If there are signs, it would be simple to know which area was whcih but if not, perhaps you could let me know where the "borders" are so I do not unintentionaly wander nude into clothing compulsive territory.

Thanks very much, and keep up the good work.


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