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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Arizona and Goldstrike hotsprings

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October 20, 2002 10:13PM
Had a real fine time this weekend, hitting both the Arizona or Ringbolt springs as Paul calls them, and the Goldstrike springs. Nevada Naturist got started about an hour before me and my family on Saturday. We took the main trail which follows a wash into and amazing canyon of cliffs as the wash wound its way down to the colorado. Alot of it was sandy walking and a gradual incline. Once we reached the River we worked our way south, using NN's directions. Very shortly we say NN and his friend up high on a cliff and he motioned to where we needed to go. Once you reach the second wash south you hike back up into the canyon and come to some pools and then to a 20 foot ladder that takes you up a waterfall to more pools. Someone has done recent work on them and there in good shape. Each pool gets hotter as you work your way up the tight canyon. We soaked for a time then we all went down to a spot along the Colorado to get some sun and took a very cool refreshing dip. We ended up hiking out with NN by a differant route. The canyons are very picturesque with many colors and shapes. On Sunday my wife was a bit tired so she decide to do some stuff with the Munchkins while I did my hike to Goldstrike springs. Also I had heard from NN that the Goldstrike Canyon was a more difficult hike once you get into the gorge were the pools and hot water is. It really worked out for the best to have checked it out by myself for this first visit. I followed NN's directions again and worked my way down into the canyon to the first pools. From just above the first flowing water the canyon all the way down to the Colorado has sections that require you use small ropes at times. Not a real problem for most people but the small waterfalls and big boulders would be hard for small children. An Adult would have to help alot in making thier way down the canyon. Initially the pools were quite hot and then pretty quickly you come biggest pools of all of them. All I can say is you gotta see it to beleive it, what a pool, and the color of the water is fantastic. The temp is perfect probably between 95 and 100. This pool is so big you can actually swim in it and its over your head in a large portion of it. I spent some time there soaking and swimming and then decided to work my way down the canyon to see the other pools. All the way down I was amazed to find all kinds of hotpools and waterfalls. It took me some time to traverse the drop offs with my pack. Better to travel light when going on down the canyon past the big pool. Finally I reached the Colorado River where there were some people on a canoe trip spending time on shore. I took some more pictures then remembered that NN had mentioned that just up the river on the same side was a spot they call the Sauna Cave which was an old shaft just above the river done into the solid rock. I think NN said the shaft was done back when they were exploring for the dam. Apparently they hit the hot water and abandoned the shaft. It goes back maybe 120 feet or so ( just a guess ) . Paul had mentioned that on some occasions when the Colorado is real low you could wade through the river to a long rocky point that juts out into th e river from where the Sauna Cave is, other wise you have to ascend to it from above which is difficult and even dangerous. Well it was my lucky day, the river looked low so I held my pack above my head and started wading! Continued on next post.

Arizona and Goldstrike hotsprings

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Re: Arizona and Goldstrike hotsprings

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Re: Arizona and Goldstrike hotsprings

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Re: Arizona and Goldstrike hotsprings

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1 Down, 1 to Go!

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Re: 1 Down, 1 to Go!

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Re: Arizona Hot Springs

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Re: Arizona and Goldstrike hotsprings

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Re: Arizona and Goldstrike hotsprings

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Re: Arizona and Goldstrike hotsprings

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