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Re: Meeting feedback

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August 27, 2002 08:55PM
Thanks Sycamore for a very detailed and extremely accurate account of the discussion of all the topics covered on the brochure. Rather than post it here my intention was to open the PO Box and post it here so that all those interested could send a request to the PO box and I would mail it to them. The only reason I would prefer not to post it here is because all the format, bolding, etc would be lost and so it appears harder to read.

The only thing that I think you did not mention as part of your minutes but that we mentioned several times was the importance of these face to face meetings as opposed to the post and return post on the forum. The forum does not give us the opportunity to see if our message is being interpretted as the messenger intended and is subject to the interpretation and mood of the receiver. With face to face contact you have body language that helps clarify the intention of the messenger as well as the interpretation of the receiver, in addition to the immediate opportunity to difuse any misunderstanding before they escalate into a confrontaction like often occurs on the forum. That is why if we concentrate on the issues that concern us and try and attend more face to face meetings, I feel that consensus seeking is possible.

We also discussed that we will need to identify all the issues that would require a 2/3 majority, as well as what to do when we do not reach this consensus, but this kind of issue will need to be addressed as we start working on our internal organization in greater detail. At this time our priorities were to finish chosing a name and finalize and have Brad Burns approve a brochure we can start to use. We can then improve or modify that brochure going forward using the 2/3 rule.

We will probably not be hearing from Wizard till he gets back from burning man.

Meeting feedback

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