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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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First Meeting to Help the Springs

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May 06, 2002 08:39PM
Fellow Hotspringers,

This thread is a followup to the Worth Reposting thread initiated by Naked Man on 05/03/02. I will try and reflect the consensus I have seen in that thread so far.

DCR, Jobe, Naked Man, Paul P., Viejo Bill, Wizard and myself have shown interest in participating in an initial meeting. Saturday after 11:00 a.m. appears to work best for most. A park would probably be the most convenient location, and those that are available can hit the springs later. Wizard has volunteered to look for a park that would suit our needs. The meeting should be sooner rather than later but with as much notice as possible. With this in mind I would like to propose Saturday May 18th. at 11:00 a.m. After the initial meeting we would allow anyone that was not able to participate to give us feedback through this forum.

The proposed ground rules for meeting are:

1) Participants: The initial meeting is open to all hotspringers with the exceptions of Mike Castro, Gail, Kevin and Tanya. There are several of us that would like their eventual participation but feel that initially it is best to exclude them to facilitate the meeting and keep it on track (nothing personal). However, any feedback from them regarding agenda items like those already expressed by Katerina are appreciated. Tanya, Kevin, Mike please feel free to post your thoughts. The initial meeting will not include any representatives from goverment agencies either. I know that Paul P. feels quite strongly that they should be included not to have to "reinvent the wheel", however even Paul admits that many of us want to meet first without them to reach some kind of concensus. Paul does not indicate when he is available but I would hope he is willing to participate if he can even without the goverment agencies. As this meeting is not limited to those mentioned above please do spread the word to other hotspring regulars you see before the meeting, as DCR suggested.

2) Taboo subjects for the first meeting will be: Mike Castro, Katerina/Gail, Kevin and Tanya, Bowen Ranch ownership, easements on any privately owned properties, the Mill Moss Road, whether National Forest should be free or not, or any other similarly contorversial subjects. The simple mayority at the meeting can decide if a subject is too controversial for that meeting and should be left to a future occassion. Anyone that does not adhere to this rule should be asked by the mayority to leave that meeting in the best interest of the springs.

3) No weapons, drugs or alcohol are acceptable at the meeting. Participants should come willing to listen to each other's opinion and work towards a consensus. We will treat each other on a first name basis with respect and no name calling of any kind towards the antendees or towards Mike, Gail, Kevin and Tanya will be acceptable.

4) The proposed agenda would be as follows:

a. Brief self introduction of all participants and what they feel they can contribute toward the meeting. I would hope we could be honest and also indicate if they have any bias towards DCHS, Inc. or Bowen Ranch. WE SHOULD NOT DISCUSS WHY, but I feel that it would be best if we are open about this so that it is out of the way.

b. We select a Chairman/Moderator and a Secretary for the meeting. It could be the same person if that is what the majority feel is best.

c. We discuss a Mission Statement or Objective for the group.

d. We discuss possible solutions to the following issues and try and reach consensus on many as possible. In some cases we might end up with a few alternatives to present to the forum. These issues would include:

Handling of Trash
Deep Creek Hot Springs Ettiquete (many of these subject are part of this)
Overnight Camping
Increase use
What to do when someone is not respecting his fellow hotspringers or the environment
Lack of Sanitary Facilities
Illegal Fires
How to share this information with other fellow hotspringers
Possible Signs
How to best work with the Goverment Agencies

e. Potential Name for the Group or list of names to present to the Forum

f. Next steps to take or date for a followup meeting

I feel this is already a ambitious agenda, and we should all keep in mind DCR's "Baby Steps" and Wizard's "we should just do what we can and see what happens".

Please reply to this thread indicating:

I) If the date, time and public park work for you. If not please suggest and alternative with the understanding that if the proposed date works for most we may stay with this date.

II) If you agree with the ground rules or would like something added or removed. If so please be specific.

III) If you agree with the agenda and the topics for discussion or if you would like something added or removed. Again be specific.

Depending on the replies I will consider if it is necessary to make the changes or ask for votes on the proposed changes. Hope this works for all of you and looking forward to meeting you all in person.

First Meeting to Help the Springs

Ron 745May 06, 2002 08:39PM

Re: First Meeting to Help the Springs

Wizard 479May 06, 2002 09:31PM

Re: First Meeting to Help the Springs

Viejo Bill 521May 06, 2002 10:51PM

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DCR 394May 07, 2002 06:38PM

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Ron 471May 07, 2002 07:06PM

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Wizard 481May 07, 2002 08:13PM

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DCR 481May 07, 2002 09:39PM

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Naked Man 411May 09, 2002 06:54AM

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Ron 798May 09, 2002 08:27PM

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JOBE 571May 07, 2002 09:49PM

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Wizard 479May 08, 2002 07:55AM

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Wizard 461May 08, 2002 08:03AM

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Ron 502May 08, 2002 06:47PM

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Wizard 521May 08, 2002 07:54PM

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DCR 425May 08, 2002 08:15PM

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DCR 474May 08, 2002 08:18PM

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Wizard 457May 08, 2002 08:23PM

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DCR 445May 08, 2002 08:30PM

Re: First Meeting to Help the Springs

Paul P. 396May 08, 2002 10:35PM

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