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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (63% of Full)


Trip Report 9/14

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September 14, 2010 11:09PM
Walked down to the springs at 8am today. Beautiful weather! Met a young barefoot hippie walking out and saw a nude hiker walking in on the PCT. Both were joyful sites but made me think about what I should carry down for "the other guy" just in case. I was also very surprised that the majority of people down there this morning were there a week ago. Talked to some one who I haven't seen since I moved from Los Angeles that was very cool! I went down with my flyrod and brought a couple friends so I could explore up stream. Deep Creek is a really really beautiful place! Already looking forward to spring time! The plan was to hike all day than soak before I left, but there were some guys who were in the tubs drinking and enjoying their type of fun. I could have gone to a different pool to soak but decided to just pick up trash, broken glass and hike out instead. The main reason I didn't go into the pools was because I slipped on some rocks in the morning and scraped my chin. Didn't want to go in with a new open sore. Passed several couples on the way out. There seems to be a stray German Sheppard down there. On the way home I stopped and talked with several people to find out if anyone owned or was missing a young black lab. So far I have not found anyone who will claim this pup. I have friends who belong to the FRVC http://frvc.net/ and spoke to them about the graffiti and how they get rid of it on the streams they clean up. They paint the graffiti and then rub sand on the rocks. I was told they would give me a gallon of paint and the brushes if I want it. If it is agreeable with the Deep Creek Volunteers I will try the "Liftaway Grafitti Remover". I don't know how you feel about chemicals being sprayed down there. Soak or no soak it was a great day!!

Trip Report 9/14

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