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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: NW Olympic Hot Springs

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August 22, 2010 10:51PM
Paul P writes, " The High desert economy will continue to suck for a long time! ". The time of Hydrocarbon Man is beginning to unravel on so many levels. Cheap and abundant energy allowed for the infrastructure complexities and skyrocketing population gains in the last 150 years. We are at the peak of a grand House Of Cards that is beginning to crumble. Of course things as seen through the lens of the mass mainstream media news infotainment are meant to blind you to the grand shift in the order of things now very much underway. The world's industrial socities are too invested in the current societal paradigm arrangements and will attempt to prop up business as usual measures which will only mean increased economic and ecosystem mayhem a bit further down the line ( not that far really ) when the train of our societies will go off the tracks into an even deeper abyss. The Oil Price Spike followed by the 2008 economic meltdown and the Deepwater Horizen mega disaster is just the beginning of the Black Swan type events that will be showing just how desperate things really are. The unsustainable structural supports of the worlds industrial societies are beginning to buckle. From the giddy heights of these so called " pinnacles of progress " we have risen to, its a long, long way back down. There will be untold social disruptions as earths 7 billion people become embroiled in myriad conflicts on multiple levels from the ruling elite down to the poorest of the poor as they jostle for power and control of a wide range of dwindling resources. We have become used to societal and economic expansion. The new realities will be contraction and loads of " austerity ", meaning your ( the vast majority of us ) quality of life will dwindle from what it was. Without the energy, things we have become accustomed too, felt entitled to are no longer possible, like retirement for just one example. We have been riding on the created bubbles of gigantic ponzi economies for too long and the endgame is at hand. The " real wealth " is the natural resources that make all of our lives possible. Artificial economic constructs will not support us as the biosphere degrades, fails, and becomes increasingly depleted. The economic wizards have created their convoluted and hallucinated financial schemes, but without the resources and energy their " created out of thin air " wealth and systems by which we ( average folks not of the ruling class ) have been plundered mercilessly will fail. That is what is beginning to happen now. Try stuffing money in your gas tank, or eating it ( you have seen what happens to 401K's when economies begin to collapse ). This will be the landscape on into the foreseable future. The more you learn, the more prepared you may be to cope with whats coming. For more on these issue go to http://hotspringswizard.blogspot.com/ where I have gathered quite a bit of information over the course of five years. The internet as a source of relatively easily obtainable and varied information may very well in time become as compromised as the main stream media is. Net nuetrality battles to preserve the free diversity of internet info are even now beginning. Great change is upon us, become informed and learn what you can now, because later, you may not have this option. Good luck.

NW Olympic Hot Springs

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Re: NW Olympic Hot Springs

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Re: NW Olympic Hot Springs

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