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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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August 8th visit

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August 09, 2010 12:23PM
We arrived at about 8:00 am at the Bradford Ridge trail head and started down. It was a perfect morning, temperature, light, sounds, everything. Of course until we came upon two plastic grocery bags filled with trash set down on the trail at a sharp turn. We told ourselves we would pick it up on the way back out. When we reached the ridge before the steep decent we could see the beautiful rock faces and creek winding through the canyon. This was the first time I have been to the Creek in 20 or more years, and the first time ever for my girlfriend. I had not been to the springs in even longer, so I was really looking forward to seeing if it was as I remembered.

We made it down to the Pacific crest trail and to the springs. Total time was about an hour and a half. There were several people at the springs; some real naturalists, a couple just enjoying the day topless, and a small group of can't be 21 yet guys hanging around. They were respectful and appeared to be just enjoying the scene and quiet. We got ready to skinny dip and had a nice discussion with a gentleman, asking about the springs and he gave us a tour of the pool names and there relative comfort levels. From my memory 20+ years ago the only difference in the springs is the addition of the Arizona and Anniversary pools. They may have been there or not, I just remembered the bend in the creek, the rock faces and the deep pool at the lower three pools. Sitting in them as a kid and then jumping into the cold water. It is really still the same - what a treat that was to see and feel.

We had a good morning just relaxing in the pools and reading. I got a picture or two of my girlfriend and the "Nude Beach" rock. From reading some other posts the shoes/boots and Frisbee of the stranded hiker a week or more ago is still there. Before noon a group of rowdies arrived, they seemed to be traveling together up the creek and hung out at the springs for a bit making noise, unnecessarily cursing loudly and trying to convince one of there dumber and drunker brethren to not jump into a shallow area, and then trying to get him to not jump head first into the same shallow area. I was half expecting to end up having an emergency. They were around for maybe two hours before continuing on there creek trek.

More people were arriving in the afternoon, none were obnoxious like the rowdy group, some friendly pups and depending on your sensibilities maybe their respective owners could have controlled them better, but that didn’t bother us, just pups playing in the water. I didn’t notice if they were taking proper care of any waste, but I hope they were. The groups coming in were definitely in the late high school and early college not 21 yet age range, and a few people a little older. Not a bother to everyone there, but also not the obviously respectful type of people you would prefer. They were little ghetto, but were not imposing themselves on other soakers.

We had a good soak in the late afternoon in the womb and chatted with some nice people from as far away as Lancaster and Barstow. There was another naturalist couple that we saw there at that time too, but had no interaction. Through out the day we had gotten a couple other pictures of the two of us on a couple different rocks, thank you to those who helped us out with the pictures, and another of my girlfriend holding someone’s pet King Snake. The day at the springs ended just as lovely as the morning began. We packed up and headed out about 5.

On the hike back, after surviving the initial climb up Bradford ridge, the weather was cooling, shaded, and very pleasant. In the flat area about half way back, along the trail in a canyon area we came upon a rattlesnake a couple feet off the trail, on the east side. I have not tromped across a rattle snake since I was a kid too, so another 20 year reunion was made. As my sphincter tightened, I crooned out "Rattlesnake" in a much deeper voice than I normally speak, my girlfriend about 10-15 feet behind me squeaked, stopped and backed up. The snake was unaware of her until she started backing up, but until then he was just staring at me with that pointed head and hook/fang looking black eyes. I scooted backwards slowly off the trail the other direction and then held still. He was probably about 4 feet long, was raised up in the classic defensive position, and just as surprised as us, because when he started rattling it was instant and LOUD! I don't remember ever hearing a snake rattle that loudly. I also had never seen one rise up, and then move backwards while keeping his eyes fixed on me. He got himself into a bush behind him and we moved on. About 30-40 yards up the trail he finally stopped rattling; you could hear him clearly in that canyon all that way away.

Then we reached the bags of trash and scooped them up. Along the trail then I found a Red Bull can - suspiciously clean - cool, fresh, carbonated, and unfaded. Took it along and then noticed that up ahead of us was a group, 2 guys and a girl, hiking back to the trailhead. We finally passed the girl and a guy, but their partner was walking too fast for them. Low and behold right on the trail, sitting like it was on a coffee table or shelf, a brand new, empty, cool, clean, and unfaded Rock Star can. I took it too and again, which I had done earlier and neglected to mention, loudly, just short of shouting, said " SOME DAMN A**HOLE LEFT A ROCKSTAR CAN." I think the lead guy heard this and a few minutes later we caught up to him and he saw the bags of trash. He asked if I had picked those up and then thanked me for doing so. I asked him if it was his stuff and he said no. I then told him a picked up a fresh and new Red Bull, and only a few minutes ago and newly emptied Rockstar can. He denied this as well. Then he said "I don’t know why people do that." I told him because they are F’ing A'holes, and then walked on. When my girlfriend asked me what was said, I told her and then added that the guy's a liar and at the minimum the Rockstar can is his. Hope he heard that, as I was not that far away, but he didn't say anything.

It was really a brilliant day, loved all of it, and also glad that I took more trash out than I packed in. It took about 2 hours, plus a little, to hike out. The sun finished setting on our drive out and we are still feeling the effects of the wonderful day.

August 8th visit

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