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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Trip report, Sat. 6/12

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June 14, 2010 09:07AM
I arrived at the Bowen ranch parking lot at 10:30am on Saturday 6/12. Bowen Ranch road was in good shape, I drive a Saturn station wagon that sits low to the ground and I had no issues getting to the ranch parking lot. I saw maybe 2 or 3 camp sites set up at the ranch and there were another 3 cars in the parking area. A group of 3 guys were just starting down the trail when I parked my car. The sun was out, the temp. was about 68 degrees and there was a little bit of wind. After getting out of my clothes I grabbed my small back pack and headed down the trail. On my hike down I wore my Rainbow sandals and on my hike back out later that day I was able to hike barefoot all the way back up to the parking lot. Soon the ground will be too hot to hike barefoot so I am taking advantage of it while I can.
I did not meet anyone on the trail to the springs until I stopped at the top of Mo-Fo hill, where I had to send out a few text messages from my phone before dropping down into the canyon. While I was stopped 2 gentlemen passed me on their way to the springs. I did not see or hear any snakes on this trip. When I arrived at the springs there were about 15 or so high school aged kids on both sides of the creek. I was the only non-textile person in sight at that time.
I crossed the creek, the water was just above my waist. I walked around the rocks and found a spot under the trees by the anniversary pool. There were maybe 4 or 5 people in the anniversary pool and in the womb, no one was in the Arizona pool. I soaked in the Arizona pool then took a nap under the trees. When I woke up most of the high school kids were still there and maybe a few more had arrived. Maybe 3 or 4 adults also arrived while I was napping, I think there were only 2 or 3 of us that were nude, everyone else was textile. I was really surprised how few people were at the springs for a Saturday, some of the other people I spoke with were equally amazed. The number of people never really got over 30 or 40. Before my work schedule change I normally would not go on a weekend but now I don’t have much of a choice. I stayed up by the trees and laid out in the sun for most of the day, I was able to swim in the creek a couple of times, the water was very refreshing but not too cold. After my swims I would soak in the Arizona pool for a little while. The air temperature never really got above 80 degrees, it was very comfortable. I did not notice a lot of trash but because there were not very many of us non-textile soakers I did not make my usual rounds looking for trash. It was a pretty mellow group at the springs, not overly loud.
I stayed at the springs until 4pm then hiked out. I passed a few people on their way down, I was for-warned that one group had some children with them so I put my shorts on until after we passed each other then I was able to hike the rest of the way out sans clothing. It was a great day at the springs, except for abundance of textiles sad smiley but even with that, I am looking forward to returning soon.

Trip report, Sat. 6/12

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