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Re: Good job Katrina !!!

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April 30, 2002 10:54PM
And did any one notice how all three of these be came quiet when I wrote: Once again FOREINERS have crossed the ocean to crap on the natives!!!? AND then this computer crashed. Did Kevin know Iwas refering to the land of Hitler? Hitler the enemy of acces rights and many many other rights! It is poetic how Hitler and Castro seem to blend together. Also the word FOREINERS is misspelled . To draw attention: to rein is to rule over or they are for ruling over. As Hitler and Castro ruled over peoples acces rights. Are we going to allow dictators in this country? Are we going to sit back and be silent while our acces rights are being stolen??? Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of our acces right.smiling smiley

Good job Katrina !!!

JOBE 986April 27, 2002 03:52AM

Re: Good job Katrina !!!

Wizard 565April 27, 2002 10:21AM

Re: Good job Katrina !!!

Ron 511April 29, 2002 07:29PM

Re:wizards reply

incredulous 519April 29, 2002 10:14PM

Re: Good job Katrina !!!

Wizard 560April 30, 2002 09:08AM

Re: Good job Katrina !!!

Wizard 570April 30, 2002 09:17AM

Re: Good job Katrina !!!

katrina island 574April 30, 2002 12:32PM

Re: Good job Katrina !!!

JOBE 881April 30, 2002 10:54PM

Re: Good job Katrina !!!

Wizard 662April 30, 2002 07:59PM

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