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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Good job Katrina !!!

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April 29, 2002 07:29PM
I also think that the new format is an improvement and a step in the right direction. Obviously it is your website and you can organize it as you please, but I hope you do not mind me sharing a little constructive critcism (that does not look correct, where is Wizard's spell check?).

I think if possible your home page should be a little shorter. For example, I share your thoughts on the importance of participating at goverment agency meetings and how the official designation could affect the use of the hotsprings, but may be you could summarize it in one paragraph and then have a link for the detail. The same could be said for the section on DCHS pass, I would empahzise the goal of DCHS, Inc. that you mention, (kind of your mission statement) and then have more information on a link. Finally, I feel there is still to much suggestion of violence on your home page. As was just mentioned in one of the current threads the cases of violence at the springs have been rare. Most of us have seen none at all. For most of us the springs are a place to relax and meet other people in a natural, friendly and magical setting. That is what I would like to see on a home page website that trully represents the springs. I think your warning of potential dangers should just be the common sense precautions that everyone should take whenever you are hiking anywhere in the great outdoors, and then you can always have a link to a history page that addresses the other issues I know you feel so strong about.

One thing I really want to congratulate you on, is that inspite of all the feuding that has gone on your home page includes free publicity for Mike and the Bowen Ranch. Hope you take these thoughts as positive feedback and keep up the good work!!!

Good job Katrina !!!

JOBE 1210April 27, 2002 03:52AM

Re: Good job Katrina !!!

Wizard 697April 27, 2002 10:21AM

Re: Good job Katrina !!!

Ron 865April 29, 2002 07:29PM

Re:wizards reply

incredulous 694April 29, 2002 10:14PM

Re: Good job Katrina !!!

Wizard 696April 30, 2002 09:08AM

Re: Good job Katrina !!!

Wizard 702April 30, 2002 09:17AM

Re: Good job Katrina !!!

katrina island 680April 30, 2002 12:32PM

Re: Good job Katrina !!!

JOBE 1012April 30, 2002 10:54PM

Re: Good job Katrina !!!

Wizard 797April 30, 2002 07:59PM

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