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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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New "Favorite" Spot

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September 12, 2009 09:06PM
Hi all,

I'm new to the SoCal area, just here for a few months. I'm from Arkansas, but have been lucky enough to spend the last two weekends (Labor day weekend and the one before) in the DCHS area. What a beautiful place! I hope to return many times while I'm out this way. I'm not sure if I met any of those on this forum, but everyone I did meet were nice folks. If we did meet, I'm the guy with the straw hat, hiking boots, Southern accent, and not much else.

If there are any upcoming, organized trash clean-ups planned for the DCHS area and/or associated trails, I'd like to participate. I won't be in the area long enough to be a regular member, but if I can make a contribution while I'm here, I'll be glad to. Meanwhile, I'll make an effort to hike out at least one trash bag full each weekend I make it there...it's the least I can do, getting to spend some time in such a great place.

As I happily found out, the entire area from Bowen Ranch to DCHS seems to be completely open to nudity. Also, it seems that the PCT, for at least some distance in each direction from DCHS, is clothing optional, or at least nobody I met in that stretch objected to me hiking it nude. But, since I don't want to push the limit too far and cause any problems that might "snowball" to DCHS, I'd like to ask your input about the limits of nude hiking on the PCT. How far in each direction from DCHS is nude hiking acceptable? I've read that public nudity isn't allowed "within 1/4 mile of the T-6 crossing". However, I'm not sure where the T-6 crossing is, other than somewhere near Arrowhead. Also, that doesn't help much with the other direction. Any guidance you could provide would be helpful.

Thanks for letting me hang out at DCHS!!!


New "Favorite" Spot

Rivernude2126September 12, 2009 09:06PM

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