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Re: Moss Mill Road

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April 20, 2002 06:48AM

It would appear that perhaps you may wish to go back to Real Estate 101 for a lesson in easements. I also have a Real Estate background, but I cannot say definitively at this point about the disposition of an easement upon transfer of Title to another owner. Admittedly, I too, need to go back to RE101.

It would also appear that "Informed's" post must have SOME substance to it or Rick would not have asked for documentation. Or perhaps Rick is like many of us -- just not sure of the law at all.

On the other hand, I do know what Mike told me: The easement was erradicated upon transfer of Title to the US Gov't. This I positively know is possible to do.

I want you guys to picture something here: You buy a piece of land that has some "iffy" ownership issues. You know you own the land outright, but there's some question regarding ownership of the buildings themselves.

Neighbors of yours are claiming they have a right to cross your land using an old easement that was never intended to be used by anyone but the owners of the land-locked parcel (mentioned previously). Despite that, those neighbors have used that road a number of times and now they're making a issue of it trying to make it so they can use that road any time they please. That would strike me as a pretty "nervy" thing to do.

How would YOU react to this? I'd bulldoze the road and block it. It's my right - it's MY land. If the neighbors think they have some legal right to use it, let them prove it in court. Meanwhile, get the heck off my land.

Know what I mean here?

Moss Mill Road

katrina 1419April 19, 2002 12:30AM

Re: Moss Mill Road

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Re: Moss Mill Road

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Re: Moss Mill Road

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Re: Moss Mill Road

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