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Deep Creek Hot Springs

The Moon is Waning Crescent (21% of Full)


Fishing in the creek

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April 08, 2002 06:56PM
Anyone try it? I was there on Saturday and a boy pointed out that there were some fish in the creek. At first they were only very small ones bute then attracted by some small pieces of noodles someone dropped in quite a bunch surfaced for the feast. They were catfish and some of them were close to a foot long. One person counted about 35 at a given moment.

After a few comments that no one had any fishing equipment, the kid's dad tried catching some with the ony equipment available, a deep plate something like a soup bowl. With a great deal of patience he stood in the creek with the plate slightly submerged, with the hope of bringing it up just as the fish swam over. Believe it or not it worked. Once the fish was on the plate he would toss it into the Serenity pool were after a few minutes the fish would become groggy and start to go belly up. So from there they would toss it in the crab cooker that killed it out right in under a minute. They ended catching three and cooked them for dinner so nothing went to waste.

Although the weather down in the valley looked wrotten, at DCHS it cleared up to become a gorgeous afternoon. I think there were about 60 different people in the area throughout the day, but never more than 20 to 25 at any given time so it was not crowded. A large group of about 15 passed hiking along PCT and bypassed the springs like they did not even exist. Joe and a group of volunteers did a great job cleaning the Anniversary pool, while Frank another regular took care of the trash collection and I pitched in carrying out a bag on my way out.

For the purose of Tiki and his stats, the morning started with about a 20/80 female/male ratio and only about 20% nude and and average age in the upper 40s. But due to the daily turnover, by the time I left around five it was more like 40/60 with 70% nude and an average age of around 25. There were too college group contingents, one from Pomona and another all the way from Santa Barbara. It was great talking to them all, and the only hard part was leaving this magical place as usual.

Fishing in the creek

Ron 1531April 08, 2002 06:56PM

Re: Fishing in the creek

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