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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Fishing in the creek

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April 08, 2002 09:01PM
Ron, There are alot of catfish and chubs in Deep Creek. Also after heavy flooding years trout can even be caught in the stream above and below the hotsprings. I've seen people pull trout out of the big pool in the creek out in front of the hotpool area. Generally like in recent years when the rainfall has been low the trout are killed off by the warm creek waters as the weather gets hotter. I remember one year I had been checking out the trout in the creek with my mask in areas just upstream from the hotsprings. There were many in each large pool I swam in. There had been some big flooding that winter which washes them down the creek into places further downstream. We then had about a week of real hot temperatures which really pushed up the creek temperature and when I came down with my mask the next time all the trout were dead, laying in places along the shore. Trout can't tolerate the warmer summer temps of the creek down that low. You can most times find trout from about where Willow creek hits Deep Creek. This place is about a 45 minute walk uptstream on the PCT from the hotsprings. From there on up into the high mountain areas the trout are quite plentiful. On some of my exploration up there I've seen some really big trout in a few of the very large pools. I know you may find this hard to beleive but one time in a very big pool up there I was looking down off a cliff about 15 feet off the waters surface and I saw this huge trout. He was motionless at the upper end of this pool under the surface about a foot and it was very clear to see. This was the biggest one I have ever seen in Deep Creek and I would realistically estimate the length to be almost 20 inches. I tried to work my way a bit closer but then it saw me a shot like a rocket down into the bottom of this very deep pool never to be seen by me again. Most likely you'll come across trout from 4 to 10 inches. Last I saw it was a two trout limit and I think it may be a barbless hook area too. Deep Creek is one of the few streams in the Southern California area with native trout. There are even a few brown trout ( with orange dots on their sides ) and they are extremely skidish and hard to catch and usually rather small. I have a Korean friend who caught a bunch of those catfish an we barbequed them at our camp. Pretty tasty. The chubs probably wouldn't tast too bad either, like little sardines but most people would obviously not find the idea of eating them appealing :-)

Fishing in the creek

Ron 1426April 08, 2002 06:56PM

Re: Fishing in the creek

Wizard 477April 08, 2002 09:01PM

Re: Fishing in the creek

Rick 835April 09, 2002 11:52AM

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