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Re: Zero-point energy

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January 04, 2006 10:28PM
Mojave, here is something of interest regarding unlimitied power from a widely available source.............The inventor hammered a nail into a tree, stuck a piece of copper pipe into the soil for a ground and connected a meter to it.

"There was power," said Wadle. But it was "dirty," unstable, power.

Wadle researched engineering firms and turned to MagCap, a company formed in 1969 that makes magnetic components.

Company President Chris Lagadinos developed circuitry that he touted as having converted the energy into useable DC power. Lagadinos said it is capable of sustaining a continuous current to charge and maintain a battery at full charge.

"As unbelievable as it sounds, we've been able to demonstrate the feasibility of generating electricity in this manner," said Wadle.

Lagadinos said anyone can demonstrate the concept by:

-driving an aluminum roofing nail through the bark of a tree and into the wood about one half inch.

-pounding a copper water pipe six or seven inches into the ground,

-attaching one probe of a standard off-the-shelf digital volt meter to the pipe and the other to the nail.

"You'll get a reading of anywhere from 0.8 to 1.2 volts of DC power," he said. Lagadinos also said that within the next six months or so the system could be enhanced enough to generate 12 volts and one amp of power, enough to charge most vehicle batteries or for use with an AC converter to produce household power.

Zero-point energy

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Re: Zero-point energy

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