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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Objections to Moss Mill Rd. Closure due May 2

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March 28, 2005 11:48AM
If you resent being subjected to intimidation by Mike Castro on JF3/JF4 or object to the closure of Moss Mill Rd., you have until May 2 to present your comments to WEMO.

Stick to the facts and keep your comments free of emotional issues if you want to be heard.


1) Moss Mill Rd, the historic free, convenient and direct 2WD public access route to the hot springs was acquired by the public in a land exchange.

2) It was illegally closed by the owner of a competing private toll concession .

3) There is currently no convenient 2WD public access to the hot springs. Rather, a circuitous 2.4 mile high-clearance vehicle route (JF3/JF4) was constructed by BLM as a replacement.

4) Those attempting to use (JF3/JF4) are subjected to intimidation by the owner of the competing toll concession.

5) BLM's reasons for closure of Moss Mill Rd. do not reflect current reality. There is no longer a threat of occupancy trespass on Moss Mill Rd. as the buildings were razed years ago. Similarly, a previous reason given by BLM (lack of easement) as rationale for closure of Moss Mill Rd. is not supported by fact.

6) Despite the controversy attendant with its illegal closure, Moss Mill Rd. was unfairly removed from WEMO route maps to avoid public comment.

7) The owner of a private toll concession has profited and continues to profit from his alliance with BLM.

8) The private property owner promoted a redundant replacement route (J1299) through a primary cultural site that served his own recreational interests and shifted OHV abuse away from his own property.

9) J1299 is infinitely more prone to illegal occupancy trespass than Moss Mill Rd. because of its remote location and its routing through historic rock shelters.

Objections to Moss Mill Rd. Closure due May 2

mojavegreen 997March 28, 2005 11:48AM

Re: Objections to Moss Mill Rd. Closure due May 2

katrina island 642March 29, 2005 01:42AM

Re: Objections to Moss Mill Rd. Closure due May 2

mojavegreen 1038March 29, 2005 05:44AM

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