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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Perfect day for hiking

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January 19, 2005 09:37PM
Yes it was Prrrrrrfct for hiking today. My wife and I did a hike out to a scenic remote spot in the mountains near our home in eastern Apple Valley. Took the faithful pooches Sparky and Bear. As you mentioned Laughing Bear there is lots of water in the hills right now, even out further in the desert to the north of where you were today. Lots of little pools and even small creeks in canyons that are bone dry in the summer. Green things are sprouting all over the place and I was just thinking to my self as we were walking across a green carpet of grass how pretty it was against the colors and forms of the rocky terrain we were hiking in. I'm hoping for a bonaza of flowers this springs. The pooches had water a plenty on todays hike :-) I hear back on the east coast there gonna get slammed by a freezing cold winter storm. Today on our hike it was completely comfortable to hike in my natural form, just like the doggies :-) Gotta get time in on the winter time, full body tan :-) Weather like today just makes you want to get out and enjoy it! Good to hear about your hike LB, I haven't been up to the water caves in a good while. My family and I were hiking around and above Tahiti Falls and it looks like there is a trail that heads up to the water caves from there. In the past I have accessed the water caves from off of 3N14 since the fence was put up to stop vehicle traffic to that place. Hopefully the bottom end where the bigger caves are is cleaner than it used to be. Driving out the dirt roads to our hike today we found an old beat up travel trailer that someone apparently just pulled out there and left it just to get rid of it. When I was headed up HWY 173 not too long ago I noticed that the Graffiti and dumping where you first head up into the hills has gotten alot worse the last year or two. Today also we saw numerous spots with fresh shotgun shells laying on the ground and also heard a shot, most likely from someone hunting quail. There are alot of them ( quail ) out right now. I just wish all of the trashy, uncaring pigs would get themselves some island where they can all wallow in the trash they love to dump, where ever, when ever. I certainly enjoy immensely places like we visited today. No roads, Motorcycles, any vehicles at all. Not even any signs of human visitation, something really precious, when you can find it these days :-) Oh, and when we got back from our hike, my wife found something " productive " for us to do at the homestead, since the kiddies where at day care, Ye Haw ;-)

Perfect day for hiking

LaughingBear 1098January 19, 2005 08:54PM

Re: Perfect day for hiking

Wizard 1295January 19, 2005 09:37PM

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