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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Gold Strike H.S. Trip Report 4-24-11

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April 25, 2011 07:27AM
I arrived at the Gold Strike hot springs trail head at 3:00pm. The weather was perfect at about 80 degrees and a gentile breeze.
There were 5 heavily tattooed twenty somethings climbing the rocks nearby. So I stuck up a conversation with them, this took up thirty minuets. They told me there was a large crowd in the canyon and they had been climbing rocks down there too.
I do not know what I was thinking after talking to these guys ? I had forgotten my mission after being distracted by these conversations. I forgot to bring my camera and trash bags. I had intended to take pictures and trash out with me.
Looking back onto this forum I see it was October 1 when I had last been to this beautiful canyon. Many, many changes have occurred since then.
Remember this is a slot canyon and when it rains all that water has but one place to travel, onto the trail. So in many places large boulders and small have been moved due to the many rains.
When I got to the Upper Cave pool I was not too shocked to see it has filled with rocks. Also, the springs there has slowed to a trickle. Before water pushed out of the ground under great pressure.
The Source pool and spring also has slowed to a trickle. It was only a few inches deep and only warm.
The Big pool is completely filled in with rocks too :~(
When I got to the Privacy pool just down hill from there there was a nude couple in the pool. She looked too young to be doing what I saw her doing, but who am I to judge :~0
So I just moved on ....
When I got to the Lower cave pool it appeared to have just been vacated as the water was fouled up and fresh foot prints indicated some one had just left. I supposed the too young woman and that lucky young man had and I did not want to get into there just now.
So, I headed to the Colorado River.
Last time I was here some one had made a new pool @ 100 yards down hill from the Lower cave pool. It was full of rocks also. But some one had made a smaller pool just down hill from that. Very NICE , thanks ! It was about 75 degrees warm.
In many places the creek that used to flow over the rocks for all to see it is now flowing under rocks in places. And under ground in other places. Very different and surprising.
When I got to just before the water fall I was surprised to see the water does not go over the falls any more :~( Instead it is going over toward the right side of the canyon where the trail is.
When I got to where I made a small round pool I was shocked to see it too was full of rocks. The new hot spring I dug out near there was still there and very nice soaking. It was @ 99 degrees warm.
The Grotto pool was very nice because some one has done a lot of work reinforcing the dam there and digging it out. Thanks to who ever. The temp there has cooled quit a bit as it is now only about 103-104 degrees,
The Hot water fall just down hill from there is still nice. The pool next to it was full of rocks. The flow from the hot water fall has changed from a direct hitting source to a more scattered flow. This makes the messaging effect less comfortable. But still nice to sit under. Which is what I was doing when 2 couples came into the canyon and seemed to be annoyed at my nakedness. So I covered myself with my towel and headed to the river. Which is where they went to also. So I did not stay there long. I dove into the river which is still below 60 degrees CCOOLLDD ! But still fun to do. Except for the textiles who showed their disapproval again !
I was going to get into the pool that is about 100 yards up hill from the river but a couple was soaking there too. So I traveled back to the lower cave pool.
When I got there it was vacant and I had it to myself for about half an hour. It is less than 3 feet deep and about 101 degrees. Some one put sand bags across the dam to make it deeper. I went to my old hiding place and was surprised to find my old shovel. I took it out and started digging this pool deeper. While doing this a family appeared and I told them that I was nude under the water and the Dad said that was cool. As he and his family stripped down and joined me. So I stopped digging. This guy said he and his family came here about twice a month to soak nude. I told him he has a healthy attitude.
This was a guy who had nonidentical twins a girl and boy 12 years old. He had his girl friend who had her nonidentical twin brother. So we talked about the history and nature of this beautiful place. As we talked his naked daughter started hiking down hill and disappeared around the bend in the canyon. So he had to hike after her. So I talked with his girl friend. While talking to her her brother noticed a 3 inch long scorpion. This took up everyone's attention until the dad and daughter returned. We took my shovel and transported this creature down canyon and away from harm.
I hiked out with this family. As we were hiking out his daughter became ill with a stomach ache. This required us to stop too many times and I cooled her off with my water bottle. I had an appointment with my son and had to hike out with out them to call my son and let him know of my situation. While at my car I got some Tums for the little girl.
So when they got to the parking lot I gave them to her.
All together another GREAT day to be at Gold Strike hot springs !!!

Gold Strike H.S. Trip Report 4-24-11

jobe4668April 25, 2011 07:27AM

Re: Gold Strike H.S. Trip Report 4-24-11

jobe2080January 23, 2012 03:55PM

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