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Gold Strike H.S. and canyon update info

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March 08, 2010 08:51PM
I went to Gold Strike canyon and hot springs yesterday and the day before and this is what I learned.
First the pavement for the 4 lane highway that is going to the new bridge across the river was in full swing. Pavement crews were very busy getting every thing ready to be paved. They are paving the little dirt section that you take to get to the springs too.
The top bridge sections are nearing completion also.
When I went to the springs on Saturday I wondered if the recent rains had gotten into the pools. They may have, but Tim the new hot spring maintenance guy has cleaned them up so as I could not tell. I ran across him on my hike into the springs. He had cleaned up so well I could not find a single piece of trash to haul out with me. When I got to the springs 4 high school girls/women were running around naked. They excused them selves saying they did not know so many people went to these springs on Saturday. They were all very lovely and everyone accepted their apologies.
As I soaked in the cave pool @ 40 people came hiking up from the River, mostly Asians.
The pool beside the cave pool was very clean and none of the mud from my previous trip could be found anywhere. The cave behind the small water fall was larger and very clean too.
The privacy pool just up hill from there was very nice and clean too.
The source pool uphill from there had the plug pulled out of it and it was less than a foot deep.
It started sprinkling as I went back to my car @ sunset. Then it rained kind of hard that night.
The next day when I went back the big gully caused by the recent rains had gotten larger. But had stopped at @ the first half of a mile from the trail head. So the rest of the canyon was not effected by the rain from the night before.
As I got into the canyon on Sunday 2 large families were heading to the River. So I acted as a tour guide for one of them and I had a very good time with them. They had found my directions from this web site and it was their first time to the springs. I told them @ this site and asked them to post a trip report here.
On the way to Gold Strike there is a road sign that says they are blasting on Highway 93 south in Arizona and to expect delays of up to one hour. This is the 2 lane part of the road which is being transformed into a 4 lane highway also. So be advised if any one plans on going this route.
Glad to help and happy soaking .Joe Baucum

I forgot to mention the sign that mentions the blasting on highway 93 south in Arizona is 16 miles long. That is from the dam all the way to Rosie's bar and grill. A fine place to eat, drink or just goof off.Joe Baucum

by Kim_S ยป Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:20 pm

Thanks Joe for the update. How far down are they paving the dirt road ? Are they going all the way down to the parking area and/or including it, or stopping before the turn to the parking area?Kim Sturmer
"Soak Over and Over Again in 2010"
They are just paving the 50 foot section between the old Highway and the new pavement that goes under the new bridge. Also they are paving the section from where the old highway connects to the new one so we can cross the new bridges. Up hill closer to the Hacienda Hotel Casino. Right now there are guardrails keeping cars from going over there. They do not appear to be getting any closer to the trail head with pavement. Time will tell or I guess I will if they do that.
You are always welcome.

Gold Strike H.S. and canyon update info

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