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Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs Conditions 12-04-09

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December 10, 2009 11:37AM
I visited Arizona Hot Springs on this Friday 12-04. I arrived at the Parking area at 10-30am. Before I got there I noticed the bridge being built adjacent to the 2 lane bridge already there was completed. The DOT is 4 laning the highway there and a lot of activity was on going. Mostly large machines are widening the adjacent hills making it level for future driving. When I got out of my truck I noticed a sign posted with this warning : Ladder Removed No access to the hot springs !
Most persons are not aware of the alternate trail on the left side of where the Park Service directs most hikers. I took this trail to be certain I could go to the springs. This trail is known as the petroclyph trail because there are many petroclyphs there.
When I got to the springs I was delighted, The upper pool was a little more than 2 feet deep and very warm. I had given my thermometer to a couple of girls the day before when I was in Gold Strike canyon and I did not have it here. SO, I guess the temp at this pool was maybe 107 degrees. The lower pool from there was very large, a little deeper than 2 feet and about 102 degrees. Also a pool next to the NEW ladder was maybe 99 degrees.
A friend of mine I had seen at Gold Strike the day before had told me that he and some friends had been there the week before. They brought a ladder from Home Deport and had secured it with cables and cable clamps on both sides.
When I went down the ladder another pool was there. It was maybe 96 degrees. I went to the river and it was very beautiful. There were @ 10 canoers who visited the hot pools also.
After the canoers left I started back toward my truck. I guy who does not want to be identified was coming down to the pools. I had seen him there in years past. He told me that the rangers had taken the ladder out because they were recieving too many complaints about nudity and perverts at the springs. He said a large group of lesbians were frequinting the hot springs and he thought they were probaly the cause of the complaints. I told him I had seen similar behaviour there and that was why I had been going to Gold Strike mostly. He said that he was going to start going there more often also.
The weather was GREAT this day and I was glad to be there on this day.
Glad 2 help !

Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs Conditions 12-04-09

jobe4529December 10, 2009 11:37AM

Re: Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs Conditions 12-04-09

Paul P.1218December 10, 2009 01:05PM

Re: Arizona (Ringbolt) Hot Springs Conditions 12-04-09

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