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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Extreme Protozoa Adventure!

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January 03, 2005 06:52PM
Here's a bit more info about my hike to DCHS yesterday. The Protozoa were attacking me relentlessly during my soak, but I took a couple of Krypton Protozoa Blocker pills which will kill any of those little buggers as soon as they touch your skin :-) I brought my thermometer with me and took some temps: Womb 99 degrees, Aniversary Pool 103 degrees, Deep Creek 39 degrees, air temp 55 degrees, Crab Cooker source its usual 114 degrees. The Serenity Pools is completely filled in with sand again. The recent flood also deposited more sand in the Womb which is about 3 and a half feet deep against the cliff, slanting up to just below the surface at the outlet flow to the Serenity Pool. The Arizona Pool was under the creek and looked like it may be pretty full of sand. Overall there is about the same amount of driftwood as compared the this years earlier big flood. Some one did some clean up of broken tree limbs with a saw and put the broken branches in several piles around the driftwood. The crossing depth of Deep Creek in front of the Crab Cooker was just above waist height at the deepest point yesterday. At one point during the day there ended up being 16 people in the Womb which made for lots of conversations. I hiked in on the Bradford Ridge trail which is doing pretty good considering the heavy rains of late. On that route there were quite a few downed limbs and big sections of Oaks on the first part of the trail. The floods are making alot of new sandy beaches all along the creek. One large area of sand is about 400 yards downstream from DCHS on the south side of the creek, under a number of Sycamores. Should provide a nice sandy area in the shade if it remains into summer. The Mohave River showed signs that it was at one point bank to bank where Rock Springs Road crosses it. The water level has receded and Rock Springs road is open again. I had checked out the satalite images on the Weather Channel in the morning and could see that the coming rain was far enough off to allow for a dry hike yesterday. The rain did finally begin falling around sunset on my hike out, but thankfully only lightly. Me and my pooches had a real nice day down there and met some real nice folks too :-)

Extreme Protozoa Adventure!

Wizard 1212January 03, 2005 01:52AM

Re: Extreme Protozoa Adventure!

jobe 798January 03, 2005 01:01PM

Re: Extreme Protozoa Adventure!

jobe 729January 03, 2005 01:10PM

Re: Extreme Protozoa Adventure!

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Re: Extreme Protozoa Adventure!

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Re: Extreme Protozoa Adventure!

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