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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: What happened to the website?

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April 27, 2001 08:39AM
Scott, this forum discusses issues related to Deep Creek Hotsprings. Katrina has put forth information concerning incidents that involve unlawful activity that may have occured to people accessing the springs in the area of the Bowen Ranch. She has put forth statements from various people, police reports and other documents. From what I've seen Katrina has mostly put forth incidents that have happened to other people so these issues concern all of us and not just katrina personally. I have seen things occur in the area over the years that I,ve visited the springs that give me concern about these issues. I have also talked to others concerned about these incidents who have shared similiar stories. This is an area where unlawful acts can occur out of site of the authorities which makes these incidents harder to document or to substantiate. Katrina,s site was taken off by tripod because of thier rules of operation, not because anything on Katrina.s site was proven to be false. I've said before here that all sides of these issues are important to listen to in accessing the truth of these matters. For whatever reason information of a specific nature has not be put foward here on this forum to counter the discussion of these incidents around the Bowen Ranch. Do you have something specific which either invalidates things Katrina has put forth or would reasonably cast some doubt on these stories? As far as katrina making herself look stupid that is your opinion and there are many who do not share this observation.

What happened to the website?

Katrina 942April 19, 2001 12:20PM

Re: What happened to the website?

Paul P. 492April 21, 2001 09:33AM

Re: What happened to the website?

Wizard 516April 21, 2001 10:46AM

Re: What happened to the website?

Katrina 528April 22, 2001 01:20PM

Re: What happened to the website?

Paul P. 495April 23, 2001 10:54PM

Re: What happened to the website?

Scott Ravers 539April 26, 2001 07:59PM

Re: What happened to the website?

Rick 469April 28, 2001 07:15PM

Scott is a lacky?

Rick 549April 28, 2001 07:23PM

Re: What happened to the website?

Wizard 556April 27, 2001 08:39AM

Re: Scott is a lacky?

Katrina 518April 30, 2001 12:05PM

Re: What happened to the website?

carrie anne 868November 05, 2002 03:36PM

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