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It's what the person does with the gun

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July 19, 2004 01:47AM
Is the person using their gun in a responsible manner? What is the purpose for carrying a gun? What are the person's intentions? Does the person have a permit? Is it concealed? Do they have a concealed weapons permit? Do they conduct themselves in a legal manner with their weapon? Do they know gun safety? Do they carry the bullets separately? Is the gun unloaded?

The problem here is that Mike Castro has pulled that gun out on people on a regular basis. That is a crime, brandishing a fire arm. Then he makes threats to harm people. Those statements are considered another crime "terrorists threats". Then he has been known to fire his weapon in the air. Which is another crime, discharge of a fire arm. He has usually been on private land owned by others and/or on public lands when he commits these crimes.

He pulled a gun on a lady friend, the former playboy bunny. That was uncalled for. Guns need to be handled very responsibly.

We have not heard of any incidents where Laughing Bear has handled his gun illegally except that the gun he had was not legal for hunting.

It's what the person does with the gun

katrina island 1359July 19, 2004 01:47AM

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