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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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DCHS's Wild Kingdom

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June 07, 2004 08:59PM
On my way up to Deep Creek last Sunday I was driving down route 4 and came over a small hill to find a Golden Eagle standing in the road just in front of my car. It was about 75 feet away and when it saw my vehicle it took to flight with some prey ( rabbit or squirrel ) in its talons. This was a very big full grown one and the heavy bird flew off to the east of route 4 towards the Bowen Ranch parking area and then it turned south towards the creek. I watched it with my binoculars until it went out of sight. I went on and parked, got my pack and began my hike. I walked to a place I refer to as the Eagles Crest, a spot with a magnificent view of the Deep Creek canyon. I went onto a rock outcrop there and when I got on top and looked down the other side, and below at the base of these rocks I saw a small spotted fawn walking in the grass just 50 feet below me. I was down wind and at first this small deer didn't now I was around. I gave out a little coyote call and the fawn who had wandered under a partially burned juniper froze still, blending with its surroundings amazingly well. I then gave out another call and it took off in a flash, bounding across the dry, grass covered hills. I got my dog Sparky's attention so she would not chase this small deer. I hiked down a ridge to the creek and had a great time taking dips and soakin up the warm afternoon sun. Late in the day I made my way towards DCHS and suddenly I saw my pooch Sparky come running back towards me obviously frightened by something. Soon I heard the sound of rattles. Just a couple of feet off the PCT there was a big, black rattlesnake. I got a stick and steered the serpent off the trail and downhill so we could get past. The snake was still rattleing in the bushes and all coiled up as we passed. Them thar hills is full of critters :-)

DCHS's Wild Kingdom

Wizard 900June 07, 2004 08:59PM

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