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BLM Meetings and issues

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November 03, 2001 11:54AM
The BLM meeting was cancelled. However, there was a meeting last Monday at the Riverside office of the BLM. This meeting involved Mike Poole BLM State Director, Tim Salt, District Director, San Bernardino County Supervisor's Representative, Bob Smith, County Counsel, members of CORVA (California Off Road Vehicle Association), members of AFFA (Americans for Forest Access), representatives from Public Lands / Public Use.

I have a copy of the audio tape to this meeting. The BLM just closed 10 areas in the northern part of the desert. This was part of the settlement made through the lawsuit between the BLM and the Center for Biological Diversity, PEER (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility) and the Sierra Club.

CORVA has hired an attorney to protest/appeal these closures. The BLM had just had everyone commenting and mapping out roads in these areas and now these areas are closed. These groups feel betrayed and are forming a multi-use coalition to join together to gain in strength and numbers. They are concerned that their interests are being ignored by the public agencies.

After this main meeting, a smaller meeting was held between Mike Poole BLM State Director, Tim Salt BLM Regional Director, Bob Smith County Supervisor Representative and two equestrians who ride in the Deep Creek area.

This meeting was about public access in the Deep Creek area and Moss Mill Road was discussed. The BLM were confronted about the easement on Moss Mill Road and the improper public access for the area. The rock blockade was brought to their attention. How the public was being directed to the Bowen Ranch where a fee is required for access. The safety of the public was stressed. The documentation concerning Mike Castro's confrontations with the public was discussed.

Equestrians have an interest in the area, have had their trails closed and were required either to ride up Bowen Ranch Road on their horses or stage at the Bowen Ranch. This lady equestrian was almost run off the road by a BLM truck. When she approached Ranger Nelson about this safety issue, Ranger Nelson told her that maybe the area should be closed to equestrians and that if she were caught in a closed area he would arrest her and impound her horse. This lady was not to happy with Ranger Nelson's response.

BLM Meetings and issues

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