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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Photos_Cottonwood Springs 1994

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March 27, 2004 09:31AM
The BLM published a map shortly after the Willow Fire using satalite imagry to document trails in the area. Since the brush was burned away, many old routes were exposed as well as the more recent ones. J1299 was non existant and did not appear on a BLM map until 2003. This is consistant with witnessed activity by BLM sanctioned OHV volunteers riding the terrain that was to become J1299. This area is visable from my property. I would be more than happy to show Katrina this map. I will make a copy and forward it through our mutual friend, Hotspringer Roe. Our timeline of witnessed illegal OHV activity coincides with BLM documentation from satalite imagry. Claims of inaccuracy are negated by the abundance of old and new trails present on the map. The evidence is concrete and based upon science.


Photos_Cottonwood Springs 1994

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Re: Photos_Cottonwood Springs 1994

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Re: Photos_Cottonwood Springs 1994

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Re: Photos_Cottonwood Springs 1994

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Everyone knows

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Re: Everyone knows

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Re: Photos_Cottonwood Springs 1994

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Re: Photos_Cottonwood Springs 1994

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