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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Juniper Flats article

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September 07, 2003 10:39PM
It seems that Auggie had some isssues with the aritcle published in the Daily Press recently and I just wanted to comment that the author's name is Nikki Cobb...not Laughing Bear or Mojave Green. He is free to contact her in regards to the article at the phone # she published.

On the issue of fences being constructed in the area, perhaps Auggie has never encountered a real live range bull up close and personal in the wild. There is an active cattle grazing lease in the area and these cattle are the responsibility of the owner and the leasee. The BLM constructed these fences in coordination with local landowners in an effort to be a good neighbors. Yes...fences cost money but so do lawsuits over damage to property and the potential for personal injury very real from the bulls. The lease is a winter/spring time thing when the cows give birth to their calves. The bull will protect the herd from outside threats.

My own experience came one day back in the 1980s when I came across a group of cows and calves that had a lone brindle bull with them. That bull took a look at me, snorted a couple of times and put its head down while giving me the evil eye. I froze....then slowly started backing away until I reached the top of the little hill. Then I ran like hell once I was over the top. Range bulls are very dangerous critters! The fences started going in back in the 80s due to multiple issues involving these cattle

With the cattle come the predators like mountain lions and coyotes looking for an easy meal from a defensless calf. Bears wander down from the SBNF in search of some easy pickins as well. And...where do all of the cattle congregate? You guessed it....the riparian areas where the water is.

I just wanted to clarify the picture here so everyone can have a greater understanding of the issues being discussed in Nikki's article. She didnt mention the cows but us locals sure do know about them. As the saying goes...good fences make good neighbors. This is especialy true when it comes to a BLM cattle lease.

Juniper Flats article

LaughingBear 1369September 07, 2003 10:39PM

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