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Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Re: Sunday's visit

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April 17, 2001 10:00AM
We were at DCHS on Easter Sunday, too. When we arrived sometime around 12:30, there were three (textile) horse people soaking in the womb. They had 3 rather well-behaved dogs with them. The owner yelled at them to go back and wait with the horses. How were the dogs to understand what he was telling them? He yelled at them and "escorted" them back to where they left their horses. The dogs obediently stayed. The dogs did smell kind of doggie though ... but that would be due to the care (or lack of it) they receive from their owners.

I have never really enjoyed meeting "horse people" at the springs. They always come down for a short soak ... inevitably are textiles, have a group of smelly dogs and leave their horses tied up making a mess under the trees (which seems to draw masses of flies). We always see them over-indulging in the spirits since they do not have to exert any force to get out of the canyon.

As far as the people taking pictures, I did not notice them as we crossed the creek. I have really adopted the attitude of not caring if someone takes my picture. Am I doing anything wrong by being nude at the springs? If someone gets their jollies by looking at me nude at a legally public place I feel it's their problem. One question for Sam D.: since I've never heard of these sites before, I was wondering how you know so much about them???

There were quite a few people at the springs this Easter. The crowd really thinned out as the day approached sunset. Regarding an up-date on the mud in the creek, I noticed a lot of sand crossing while crossing the creek. The mud in the middle has diminished substantially. Of course as the weather warms and we have an increased amount of snow-melt it may deposit more mud. So don't get your hopes too high as of yet! If you want to spend much time in the creek this summer, I'd advise you to get a cheap raft so you can float above the most of the mud smiling smiley

A group of volunteers attempted to improve the Arizona pool so it would retain the hot water. They spent lots of time and energy increasing the rock walls but when I checked it later, it didn't seem to be retaining the hot water very well. Hope it works better in the future.

Hey Oz, did I see you Easter Sunday? We were there from around noon until sunset, too. Where were you hanging out? Who were you with? Can you describe yourself? I was hoping to meet you some day.

Sunday's visit

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