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Re: Webmaster condones threats

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August 06, 2003 09:20AM
Laughing Bear, Let me describe to you what a threat really is, its when a six foot six, 200 pound, lunatic named Edward ( not kesinki, but looks like him ), chases you around your home in an attempt to throttle you, all the while threatening to poisen you too, and everyone else in the residence, and you are in a position to have to live for some time around this person, after the incident, that is threatening, I was the one threatened in that case. I called the police, explained to them what this crazy man had done, and you know what they told me Lauging Bear, nothing could be done since this man had not actually done anything, yet. So I have threatened your property, you mean when I said that " the gremlins were going to steal your Karmic Hubcaps ". So thats your threat. Please, Please, go to the police Laughing Bear, tell them of this great threat if you are so eager to be laughed at. And also please tell them about any other threats you feel have come from me. Here's something else you can inform them about, know this Laughing Bear, you are being watched now, very closely, and, you have been warned about your behavior.

Webmaster condones threats

LaughingBear 784August 06, 2003 07:25AM

Re: Webmaster condones threats

Wizard 450August 06, 2003 09:20AM

Re: Webmaster condones threats

DCR 482August 06, 2003 11:20AM

Re: Webmaster condones threats

Wizard 526August 06, 2003 08:09PM

Laughing bear makes up issues?

Rick 894August 06, 2003 10:00PM

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